New Supplies

Do you remember how fun it was to get new school supplies when you were in school?  There was nothing better than picking out the newest style of Trapper Keeper.  (Yes, I am fully aware that I am giving away my age.)  Now that I am a teacher, the shine has worn off a bit.  (No one wants to see back to school commercials the week after school gets out!)  I think it may be even worse for parents.

Today I feel that same sort of excitement when new scrappy supplies arrive at the door.  The most fun for me is that I have often forgotten what I ordered.  There is a wonderful company that will hold your order until you’ve met their $100 threshold for free shipping.  So, over the course of many months, I order here and there until finally the package gets shipped.  It’s always a wonderful surprise.  This does mean that I may not be scrapping with the newest collections, but let’s be real.  Most of my scrapping uses older supplies.  What’s a few months when I usually scrap with things that are many years old?

Here are a few of my new acquisitions.


Echo Park seemed to catch my fancy for this order.  In this case, I am preparing for a Disney trip.  You know, in case you couldn’t guess by these 2 Disney themed collections.  The first is in classic Disney colors.  I like that the color scheme is pretty versatile.  Chances are, I will be using the B sides that are a bit less busy.

The second collection has an Alice in Wonderland theme.  I honestly put these in my cart, took them out, put them in, took them out… You get the picture.  The colors aren’t quite me and the papers are *extremely* busy.  So in this case I only ordered a few papers and then the matching solids.  I am hoping that the solids will help break up and tone down all of that pattern.  After ordering it, I realized that now I HAVE to meet Alice during our trip.  What good does Alice paper do if you don’t actually meet Alice?  Oh, the sacrifices I make!

Echo Park pink floral

Sticking with the Echo Park lines, I also picked up just a bit of the “Just Married” collection.  Really it is only this beautiful floral and some solids.  That light blue solid is from a different collection, but I kept it together just in case I choose to use it on the same layout.  I really love that sweet floral.

Cat papers

This is a mishmash of various cat papers.  When half of your layouts involve cats, well, you buy cat papers.  That top paper just makes me grin.  I am a big fan of whatever genius decided to put glasses on cats.  Are those cateye glasses?  I love it.

Kaisercraft holiday

Lastly, I have these Kaisercraft papers.  The top and bottom papers are from the same collection.  The two in the middle are from 2 additional collections.  Dear manufacturers, I love when you do this.  When you repeat colors in various collections, I can mix and match to my heart’s content.  I will definitely be using the pink wood grain with at least one of the holiday papers.

There was a lot more in my box of heavenly goodness.  Many of the papers are stand alones.  I often purchase something that I love and then see what in my stash will go with it once it arrives.  At this point, there is always something in my stash that will work.  Perhaps I need to stop shopping.


Paper Inspiration

Do you ever sort through your paper and find something you just simply must use right this moment?  In all honesty, I have so much paper at this point that I forget what I have.  So when I ran across this multi-color raindrop paper by Pink Paislee, I was inspired.  It is just too cute to sit in a file any longer.  Then I spent a little time pulling some matching papers from my stash.  It wasn’t too hard to find pink, yellow, green, and orange papers to go with it.  Sadly, the green paper didn’t make the cut this time.

Once it was time to create the design, I turned to another muse, an online class.  After watching a video, I took one of the pages and put my own spin on it.  I focused on having an area of embellishment at the top and bottom, and then a small one next to the title.  The embellishment was kept quite simple because the paper is so busy!

great grandpa

Though I don’t often reach for chipboard embellishments these days, I knew I had some pieces that would match the color scheme.  Those “Adorable” and “You & Me” pieces were just perfect for these photos!  I mean, really, both that little girl and her great grandpa are adorable.  I also picked out the chevrons to point at the title.  A few brads, three puffy asterisks, and some die cut circles finished off the page.

I did want this page to include journaling.  I couldn’t find a way to insert a block of writing that would look right.  So, in this case, the journaling is on the back.  Another way I could have included journaling would be to  create a pocket behind the yellow polka dot paper.  I could have placed a pull out journal card there, with a small tab that stuck out.  Of course, I didn’t think about any of this until everything was all glued down.  *Sigh*  Isn’t that always the way?

My challenge for you is to thumb through your papers and find a piece that speaks to you… Something that calls out to be removed from your stacks and onto a page.  Use that paper as the beginning of your next fabulous layout!


The One Created by Cleaning

This is the layout that I had not anticipated on making.  You see, I went up into the scraproom to clean.  Every surface in the area was covered by random papers, embellishments, and creative whatnot.  As I began cleaning, I realized some of the random papers went well together.  And amongst them on the table, was a photo that I adore.  It was almost as if it this layout was meant to be.  (Or, the siren song of scrapbooking overpowered the desire to clean.  You be the judge.)

I do admit that the darker teal floral by Kaisercraft was something I pulled from my 6×6 pads.  I wanted a paper that would pull in that black cardstock scrap better.  All of the other papers, including the white cardstock background (difficult to see in this horrible tilty photo), the grey heart paper, and smaller scraps came from my mess.


Embellishments for this page really come from a random assortment of older items.  The white flowers as well as that little grey border sticker have been in my collection for about a decade.  The butterfly stickers and clear sparkly enamel dots, which make me swoon, are more than a year old.  If it was in the correct color scheme and nature related, I tried it out.

I do acknowledge that the bird is a bit more green than teal.  Though it doesn’t quite fit the page, it does fit the people in the page.  They are avid bird watchers.  It was the perfect embellishment for them.  In this case, I ignored the aesthetic for the content.  It’s my layout, I will mess up the color scheme if I want to.  (And yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition.  I am feeling *that* rebellious today.)

This was some of the most fun I have had cleaning in quite a while.  Now if only wiping down the kitchen were as entertaining.

Feels Like Summer

When the sun comes out, it just warms my heart and soul.  Living in a place where it rains 10 months out of the year can be brutal.  Waking up to a day of unexpected sunshine is glorious.  It makes my creativity bloom.  So, today I spent the day getting crafty with a summer page.  (Oh how I long for summer!)

This page did not go at all as I had planned.  I had envisioned a white background, photos matted with just a touch of yellow, and a background stamped with black splatters.  As you can see, that did not happen.  Once I got the yellow paper chosen and set it against the white cardstock, it just felt so stark.  Though I love the minimalist look other people use, it doesn’t feel right for me.

At that point I spied the teal star paper by Shimelle in my scrap bin and began to rethink my design.  What if I were to pull all of my embellishments that were yellow and teal, then work from there?  I went through every die cut, brad, and sticker I owned.  In the process, I found some pieces from October Afternoon that were pirate themed.  I about fell over when I realized they were the perfect colors for this layout that included a picture of a boat.  Yes!  That never happens!


At that point I just began laying things out.  Placing items, shaking my head, and trying another combination was my strategy.  Honestly, it didn’t take a long time.  The nice thing about sticking to two colors is that your options are limited.

I will say that I broke some “scrapping rules” when I put this together.  There is a mixture of both bright white and cream on the page.  While placing things, I was careful to not place the cream and white together, so it isn’t as apparent.  The other color combination that I generally don’t put together on a page are black and navy.  I thought about using black for the title, but it would have been too jarring.  Instead, I went with navy.  Oddly, I like it even though there isn’t any other navy on the layout.

Even though I strayed far from my original plan, I love the finished page.  It reminds me that when I try too hard, the layout doesn’t turn out the way I want it to.  This time I just let instinct take over, and I am thrilled with the result.  Note to self:  When crafting, turn your brain off and go with the flow.

Not My Favorite

I am dedicated to posting the good, the bad, and the ugly on this blog.  Let’s be real.  We all have artistic misses.  Some people will tear a page apart and redo it if they aren’t happy with it.  I am not one of those people.  Who has time for that?  I have a backlog of around 200 pictures to scrap.

In this particular case, I failed to match my colors properly.  I started with that lovely floral paper that I love.  And from there, it all went wrong.  You see, I had papers that were almost right, but not quite a perfect match.  To be fair, you can often get away with that… if it is one element.  But in this case, I let almost every element clash.  The yellow/orange cardstock is just a shade too dark.  The pink paper really should have had a peach undertone instead of purple.  The embellishments are just all over the place.  Ugh.  (That peach typewriter next to the pink paper is seriously making me twitch.)

Not Comfy

The composition of the page really isn’t terrible.  The title block definitely needs some work.  Even as I was putting it together, I was struggling.  I think I should have made the pink  along the top narrower by pulling up the photo block and floral paper.  However, the rest is pretty solid.  I really do like the banners at the bottom.

I think the moral of this scrapbook layout story is not to force a page if it is not working.  This page was a fight from start to finish.  I should have scrapped it and started over before gluing.  I usually lay everything (or most everything) out before I glue elements down.  So I certainly had the opportunity to stop this mess.  Sigh.  Time to put it into the book and try to better on the next one.


I know.  I have been MIA for months.  It has been a busy time.  The holidays always are.  My itty bitty family was also dealing with a sick pet that sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge.  So when you put together holiday stress, pet stress, and just everyday stress… you just don’t get much scrapbooking done.

It appears we are mostly beyond the chaos, and I feel like getting my crafting on again.  So much time has passed that I am at a bit of a loss on where to start with a new project.  My own creativity isn’t really flowing right now.  When in doubt, I turn to a sketch.  For me, it is a nice little map that doesn’t require much thought from me.  In this case,  I cased my Pinterest boards and found the perfect sketch here.  I love it because it allowed me to pull from my scrap bin.

The Marina

Once I had the sketch, I chose that incredible floral by Carta Bella.  I’m loving the peach and teal combination on a butter yellow.  From there I went through my 12×12 papers that are ancient.  Seriously.  I have a stack of papers on the floor (please don’t judge) of really old papers that I need to use.  This one fit the bill perfectly.  It was the right color, and the pattern reminds me of flower stems.  At that point I pulled scraps from my bin.  I was excited to find both the dark and light pink/peach color found in the floral.  The navy and brown scraps were added to match the photos.

I will be honest.  At first I placed the rectangles of paper in the exact order and position as the sketch.  Something wasn’t quite right.  I let it sit for a day and then did just a minor reorganization the next morning.  It’s amazing how much a tiny change can make a page come together.  Let the gluing begin!  I always feel better once the papers are down and I can no longer fiddle with them.

For embellishment, I went with some floral die cuts that matched fairly well.  The light pink wasn’t quite the right shade, but sometimes you just have to go with what you have.  A few puffy hearts from Shimelle, a smattering of enamel dots, and a stitched navy circle finished off my decorating.  I am just never going to be an elaborate embellisher.  I have tried.  It just isn’t me.

There you have it.  I am back in the saddle again.  Hopefully it won’t be another 3 months before I can glue some paper again.

Almost a Theme

I tried.  I really did.  For this layout I was going to go all in and attempt a much more heavily themed page.  Out came some nautical October Afternoon stickers in order to ensure the beach theme.  This was going to be a stretch for me, but I was determined… or so I thought.

To be fair, when I began pulling papers for this page, I did not have the beach in mind.  In fact, I was really just putting away my last order that had been sitting for, um, months.  The Pink Paislee aqua and wood grain paper grabbed my attention immediately.  And then I ran across that white wood grain embossed paper in the same order.  They just had to go together.  So that was my starting point.  I decided to add a couple of 6×6 papers that matched beautifully.  Can you tell I was highly invested in the wood grain theme at this point?

Then I began flipping through my photos.  You would think I would maybe pull something from a camping trip. (Wood grain on wood grain on wood grain.)  Alas, no, it was this lovely little photo of a tide pool I took last summer.  Look at the colors!  Hello browns and aquas!  It was just meant to be.

Tide Pool

The papers pretty much laid themselves out on this page.  I did cut out the back of that Pink Paislee paper so I could use it again.  The white cardstock covers the big square that I hoarded saved.  (I won’t usually save anything from my background paper.  I doubt I will ever use up all of the paper I own.  However, this one was way too pretty to waste.)  I did dig into my scraps and add the kraft strip that helped provide a little grounding at the bottom of the page.  I also cuts some scallops from scraps.

Here is where I wound up in a goal failure.  I had created a layout that was white, brown, and aqua.  Introducing any other colors just didn’t seem right.  So as I perused my marine themed embellishments, I was left with one option.  That adorable octopus fit the bill.  I did not want to introduce the red, yellow, or cobalt blue that were included in everything else.  So then I gravitated to the stars.  (Stars… starfish… close enough!)  I included a few more aqua pieces from here and there and then sprinkled in a few wood grain hearts because I totally needed more wood grain.

Let’s face it… I am just never going to be a theme girl.  At least this time I wound up with a much more beach themed color scheme.  Though all of the wood may not seem beach themed to most, it does remind me of the driftwood I see at our local beaches.  So I am going to say that is on theme as well.  Oh, and there are pearls!  Pearls are beach themed.  I am going to call this a goal partially met.  I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as I love the layout.  (I do!)

Just a Cat and Some Scraps

I know this is quite a simple page, but I thought I would share it anyway.  This is the result of a scrap bin diving session.  My scraps are once again getting out of control.  Whenever that happens, I like to make a page or two out of scraps.  I wish I could tell you that the bin is no longer overflowing, but that would be a lie.  A really big lie.

This layout started with the floral scrap from Simple Stories.  Oh, how I love that paper.  It makes the perfect jumping off point because it has so many colors.  I dug through the rest of my scraps to find a harvest gold, a teal, and a brown.  Don’t you just love fall colors?  I added in a scrap of kraft cardstock before finding a dark red background.  I layered up the boxes of papers without even really having to trim anything.  That never happens!


Good Day

I knew my embellishing was going to start with those brown corrugated pieces.  They have been in my collection forever.  I love their texture, but rarely do they fit with my color scheme.  Here, they were a great match.  The hearts came next because I love that kitty!  Look at his sweet little face.  The copper hearts and title come from Shimelle’s Go Now Go collection.  I finished it all off with a few Simple Stories stickers.

Though this layout isn’t fancy, I still love it.  There is nothing extraordinary about it.  In fact, the Thickers are the only thing on this page that hasn’t been sitting in my stash for years.  I almost think that makes me love it all the more.  Old supplies don’t have to look or feel old.  They deserve to be dusted off and used to make beautiful things.

Back to 12×12 Papers

You may have noticed by now that I don’t scrapbook events in order.  In fact, it may take me a year or two to scrapbook our vacation photos, or Christmas, or anything else.  I pull photos out randomly, depending on my mood.  If I tried to scrap an entire vacation from beginning to end, it would feel like an assignment.  The last thing I want is for my hobby to feel like work.

So here is a warning that you may see beach layouts periodically for the next couple of years.  I think I have 20-30 photos waiting to be scrapped.  When I only scrap 1-2 photos on a page, it will take a while.  Hrm… now there’s a good potential future challenge.  Maybe I will see if I can create a page with 4-6 photos on it.  I may need to see if I can find Shimelle’s 4×6 photo love series.  She had some great ideas for multi-photo layouts.

The page I created doesn’t feel beachy at all.  Sure I worked in a tiny bit of blue and aqua.  However, my focal colors are red and creme.  Please don’t ask me why I went in this direction. I actually just thumbed through my random papers until I found two I liked.  You will also notice there isn’t a shell, wave, or otherwise watery theme in sight.  Though I admire themed pages, I just can’t seem to manage them myself.

Road Trip

There are a couple of things I really like about this layout.  First of all, I loved how easy it was to use up some scraps.  I just pulled together a bunch of random scraps that sort of worked together and cut them into banners.  Voila!  Fewer scraps in the bin.  The photo mats were also made from a scrap.  My other favorite part is the use of pocket page cards.  I managed to get 3 of them onto this page.  They tend to sit in my collection forever!  Using them feels like a major scrapbooking win.  (It’s the small things that make me happy.)

Though the overall page is clean and simple, it is a current favorite.  The photos are clearly the star.  (As they should be!)  A few wood veneer pieces to play up the nature theme and  some hearts was all it needed.  That’s it!  It feels good to be scrapping with 12×12 papers again.

Sweet & Sassy

No, this page is not about me.  That would require a title more along the lines of Sweet & Stubborn.  This page is about my lovely little girl kitty.  (Please forgive me, as my kitties are my children.  Yes, I am that kind of crazy.)  She walks around with a perpetual scowl, making her less than photogenic.  She takes after her human mom.  🙂

On this particular day, a small miracle happened.  I took a picture of her where she does not look at the camera as if hoping it would die a horrible death.  Her beautiful green eyes were bright and fully open.  She is tilting her head denoting perhaps some curiosity.  All in all, she is one beautiful happy looking girl.  It is definitely a photo worth scrapping.

For this page, I decided to dig into my rarely used collections and pulled out Studio Calico’s Sundrifter.  As an online shopper, I sometimes purchase collections that are not my cup of tea.  Admittedly, Sundrifter just had not inspired me.  Instead it sat on a shelf for over a year.  For some reason, I found it to be the perfect fit today.  I think the trick of it was to use just a little of the bolder floral pattern and choose the rest of the papers to be understated.

Sweet and Sassy

As always, I ran into a brick wall when it came to embellishing.  I really wanted a lot of white empty space.  At first I included the three circles at the top and bottom, along with the tag and title.  Though I liked it, I found it to be much too bare.  I then added a bit of washi on the tag and just to the left of the “&” card.  Now I had too many straight lines.  Punching the brown feather paper did wonders for the layout.  It added some curves and a bit of weight to the page.

After all of that, I still wasn’t happy.  Quite a bit of digging later, I found some old Making Memories butterflies, some sequins, and a couple of stickers and die-cuts that worked.  The pieces I added provide some needed curves and interesting shapes.  Who doesn’t love hearts and butterflies?

I am pretty happy with the end result this time.  The layout has some fun details, but the photo is really the star.  I find myself staring into those hypnotic cat eyes every time I look at this page.