Happy Accidents

Remember my last post about trying to use a hot pink piece of paper, and just giving up on it?  It turns out that was a happy accident.  As I began my next layout, that piece of paper was still laying on my desk.  Yes, this is quite common for me.  No, I don’t generally clean up everything between projects.  I can hear some of you gasping in dismay.  Please know that the desk does get cleaned… eventually.


I was going through my photos and found this 4×4 photo of one very content kitty.  The shirt color in the background reminded me of that bright pink Simple Stories DIY paper.  I know that the color isn’t a perfect match, but it was close enough for me.  I used the bright pink as a matte, then turned the off-cut over and found that beautiful black and white polka dot!  It was at this point I paused and looked for a background and embellishments.  Pink and aqua is a go-to color combination for me.  The grey and aqua polka dot was a natural fit for a background.  It’s from the October Afternoon Travel Girl collection.  Though it has an imperfect corner, I still used it.  That little bend was not enough to keep me from from using that paper (Mixed Tape) that I’ve been hoarding.

The rest of my layers are mostly made up of older American Craft tags and die-cut journal cards from the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party collection.  That pink tag with the cat on it just *had* to make it onto this layout.  I believe the heart transparency is also from that collection.  I’m not entirely sure because this was a scrap.  Oh I do love using my scraps!

I positioned and re-positioned my layers until I was happy.  I didn’t have to fiddle too much.  I knew I needed to balance off the hot pink on either side of the photo.  The aqua piece in the upper right was balanced with the tag in the lower left.  Honestly, this is one layout that practically built itself.  That never happens for me.

I threw in some die-cuts from the Serendipity collection (I don’t even own any of the papers) as well as some from the Fancy Pants Wonderful Day collection (I’ve used all of the papers already).  These pieces formed the 3 embellishment areas that create a triangle on the page. I made sure each area had a heart and a round element so that they looked cohesive.

The project was finished off with some LYB washi and some old letter stickers.  Though I’m not a big washi fan, I do love the super thin rolls.

I truly love how this layout turned out in the end.  It was all made possible by that one happy little accident.  A piece of paper that was cut and not used was not a waste at all!  It turned into the inspiration for an entirely different page.  It makes me just about as content as that furry little critter in the photo.

Purrcloseup3.jpg   Purrcloseup2