New Papers = New Page

I just received a box of scrappy goodness from Scrapbook Generation.  Oh how I love when those exquisite packages arrive!  I tear them open as soon as I get home.  Each piece is taken out and inspected with adoring eyes.  And then… please don’t judge… it sits on a table for a few weeks.  Later, I put everything away.  Approximately 2 years later (slight exaggeration in some cases) I pull a piece out to use.  You see, the new stuff is too nice to use.  If you stick with this blog, you will notice that  most of the product I use is older product.  It’s not that I don’t own new product, it’s that I don’t USE it.

It was time to break the cycle.  This time I was determined to actually put some of that new pretty product to work.  I selected the lavender paper that I purchased specifically to scrap my niece’s wedding.  Next, I went looking for some inspiration.  I found it at the Pebbles blog.

In excitement I went scrounging for a piece of bold black and white striped paper that I knew I had in my stash so that I could reproduce their beautiful page.  Do you see where this is going?  It turns out I don’t actually own a bold black and white striped paper.  How is that even possible?  After looking through my stash twice, I gave up on the quest.  I took a deep breath, calmed myself, and began looking for a replacement.  Though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for I found a bold black and white print that I bought almost 10 years ago.

Love Story

After picking out a photo, it was time to pull a few more papers.  I decided to mat the photo in a new (to me) piece of Pink Paislee Cedar Lane Main Street in grey.  I added to that the floral which is Pink Paislee Memorandum Show Room.  The aqua piece I pulled from my stash.  Though this page ended up with many more colors than I normally would use, I still like it.

Once it came time to embellish this page, I groaned as I always do.  Embellishing will forever be the bane of my scrapbooking existence.  At least I had some die cuts with some lavender.  I pulled out the two big florals.  They didn’t look quite right by themselves so I found some doilies.  They softened the edges to make this page a bit more romantic.  The gold Pink Paislee word and heart Thickers helped give some dimension and interest.  I was thrilled that they came from that magical new box as well.

In the end, this page was the perfect mix of new and old for me.  New papers and new Thickers mixed well with old papers, die cuts, and doilies.  For once the “good stuff” got used.


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