Balanced or Going Splat?

I am constantly trying to find a balance in my life.  It seems that between work, home, family, friends, hobbies, and that silly need to sleep, there just is not enough time in the day.  I’m feeling like I’m juggling a hundred eggs, and they are starting to splat around me.

So why would I keep scrapbooking?  It isn’t something that I can do with a few minutes here and there.  Let me be frank.  A layout usually takes me hours.  No, I am not doing anything fancy or elaborate.  I scrapbook at the speed of slug.  If I didn’t scrapbook, I would have a couple of extra hours a week to clean house.  The house could absolutely do with a couple more hours of elbow grease.  Better yet, I could get more sleep!

The reality is, scrapbooking helps keep me mentally balanced.  I could win a gold medal in stressing out over things.  My mind never seems to stop… except when I’m scrapbooking.  The creation of a layout completely occupies my thoughts during the process.  All of my worries are pushed aside as I concentrate on making something pretty.  For me, it is a much needed break from the world.  That chance to ground myself and hit the reset button each week is invaluable.

Yes, it does mean that some things go splat around me.  I only see my friends once a month or so.  The area behind the couch hasn’t been vacuumed in the last few weeks.  The pantry desperately needs cleaned out and reorganized.  None of that is as vital as keeping myself balanced.



4 thoughts on “Balanced or Going Splat?

  1. Totally agree. Crafting keeps me happy. If I haven’t been able to do something creative, I get really grouchy. Then hubs will tell me to go into my craft room. ha. It’s mental therapy.


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