Holy Piles, Batman

I have a confession.  I’m pretty sure that it is the first of many.  In fact, I’m betting that I will have this same confession multiple times on this blog.  I am a procrastinator.  One of the things I tend to avoid is putting my pages into albums.  This is one of two piles of layouts that need to make their way into albums.


Here is the really bad part of this confession.  I probably average making one layout a week.  So, it appears that I haven’t managed to get many layouts actually into albums in about a year.

In my defense, I did recently try to get my pages put away.  I ran into one little issue.  It appears that I need to purchase some scrapbooks.  Looking at this mess, one or two just isn’t going to get the job done.  Anyone know of any good album sales?  Eesh.


One thought on “Holy Piles, Batman

  1. I put them up first. Then they move to 2 pizza boxes (actually the mailing boxes for Cocoa Daisy kits). If that overflows, it’s time to put away. I actually need to do it now as well.


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