To Buy or Not To Buy

I’m having a bit of shopping dilemma.  Anyone who has stalked scrapbook supplies for more than a season knows the issue.  If there is a product that you absolutely love, you need to buy it NOW.  No, I’m not talking about just the impulse.  (Don’t get me wrong, I totally suffer from the impulse buy.)  I’m talking about how that product will sell out and never be available again.

I was able to get a couple of pieces of paper from Starshine.  Since that initial release, I’ve wanted more of it.  What can I say, it’s beautiful!


Pieces have been shipping once again after the American Crafts warehouse move.  It popped up in one of my favorite online stores.  Of course not everything I want is available.  Additionally, there’s currently no free shipping promotion running.  So do I buy what’s available now and pay shipping, or do I wait and possibly miss out?  I can almost hear Clint Eastwood asking me if I feel lucky.


One thought on “To Buy or Not To Buy

  1. You have read my mind. I chose to pay the extra shipping for each purchase of Starshine. I went with the 12×12 pad, but I wanted the whole collection. I now have the 6×6 pad and the sticker book left to buy. (But I’ve made at least 5 different orders to get what I have so far, which is absolutely insane.)


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