Tone on Tone

I’m still in the process of sorting through my layouts.  This one is pretty old.  I don’t even remember making it.  It looks to me like it could have originated from  a starting point on Shimelle’s blog.  The overall design just reminds me of her work back then.

When I saw it, the first thing that crossed my mind was the tone on tone papers.  I have so much love for tone on tone prints.  Really, it becomes a scrapping challenge for me.  Sometimes I buy so much tone on tone that I don’t have anything else to work with!  This layout is a good example of why too much of it is a bad thing.  When I look at this page, it is just blah.  The layout really lacks the interest of a page that includes a multi-color print.

My Girls

While I’m nitpicking, what is up with that color scheme?  The green and pink aren’t bad, but why did I pick it to go with a photo that includes a blue dress?  And then the one bit of multi-color paper I choose includes aqua.  To top it off, there’s that lovely dusty rose pink “Good Times” embellishment.  Past scrappy me was not great with color.  (Five years from now I’ll say the same thing about the scrappy me of today!)


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