The Little Things

It was the banner with the saying, “The Little Things really are the big things,” that caught my eye when going through my supplies.  I absolutely believe in this sentiment.  So when I found it, I immediately looked for some photos that matched it.  I found these two photos of a sunset from the one and only vacation my husband and I have had since our honeymoon 10 years ago.


That vacation is a bit of a magical time for me.  It was only 3 days in a nearby town, but the location was so serene.  For someone who lives her life in a tornado of stress, it was a much needed break from civilization.  This was our view each night, and it was the perfect end to days of shopping and walking the beach.

From the photos I pulled in some yellow/orange elements and used that green to contrast.  Can I tell you that I love this color combination?  I’ve not ever used it on any other page that I can think of, but it just works so well.  Oh, and I totally jumped at the chance to use brads that matched.  I never use brads!  I decided to ground everything on that grey background paper that works well with the color of the water.

The design is pretty simple and not overly embellished.  I think that the clean look helps convey the tranquility that I felt those days.  It is one of my favorite pages… and it all started with a sentiment.


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