Monochromatic… Almost

I have a soft spot for monochromatic layouts.  I like how it limits the supplies I can choose from when searching through my stash.  In this case I went with yellow with grey and black as neutrals.  If it wasn’t yellow, black, or grey, I could just pass it on by.

Life is Perfect

In this case I began with those photos of my little boy.  I had just purchased that grey and yellow basket (hello color palette).  He immediately jumped inside of it and claimed it as his own.  Being the much too permissive cat mom, I let him have it… for part of the day.  It is now that happy home to my 6×6 paper pads and some chipboard.

I knew right off that I wanted to use that grey and white floral paper.  It’s one of the few papers I purchased 2 of because I loved it so much.  A quick search of my scraps produced that yellow and black paper at the bottom from Jenni Bowlin.  A couple of pieces of cardstock and that grey and white chevron from a 6×6 pad finished off my papers.

I decided to use those doily stickers for my journaling.  I only had two, so I cut off some of the large yellow one and placed it up top to stretch the supplies.  A search of old die cuts produced the black and white circles I used to ground the grey and yellow flower chipboard pieces.  I love that those 3 circles came from 3 different collections.  You would never notice it.

Since I always forget about a title until I’m almost done (sigh), I ended up finding the die cut and sticker at the bottom.  “Life is Perfect” and “Happy as a Clam” sum up that little cat’s life.  That scallop chip board was a last minute fix to hide a gap between the photos and the “Life is Perfect” piece.  Shhh!  Don’t tell anybody.


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