Oh Scraps

Yes, yet another layout featuring scraps.  Does that grey and white floral look familiar?  It should.  It was featured in my last post.  I loved it so much that I just had to use it again.  This time the color scheme is totally different.  Gone are the yellow and black which I replaced with pink and blue.  I think that is one of my favorite things about scrapbooking.  I can use the exact same paper and get a totally different look by combining it with new materials.

I always struggle with color schemes when there is such a variety of colors in my photos.  I know I should learn how to edit my photos.  I just can’t seem to find the time.  When choosing between learning how to edit and actually scrapping, I’m going to pick scrapping every time.  I could print my photos in black and white, but that bottom nighttime photo wouldn’t have turned out well.  In this case I decided to go with the 2 colors I found in both photos, blue from the centerpieces and pink from the shirt.


Family Gathers

Though I didn’t have exactly the right color of blue (can you ever find the right color of blue?), I decided the pale blue background would work. There is enough separation between the photos and the background to make it work.  My pinks aren’t matching perfectly either.  Yet look at how cohesive they look.  Yes, you can mix a variety of manufacturers!

I did struggle to find embellishments in the right colors.  The butterflies worked pretty well.  You’ve seen them on a previous layout.  I also chose that giant pink flower.  (It may be covering up the ugly weird edges of paper over in that corner.)  It looked like it was floating there all by itself.  At that point I dug into my silhouette cuts that I keep on hand and pulled out some feathers.  I decided to use them like leaves.  Instead of putting the outline directly over the matching solid part of the feather, I offset them a bit to add texture and interest.

It makes me so very happy to create a layout using nothing but scraps and a piece of cardstock in the background.  Somehow it makes me feel more fulfilled than when I cut into new papers.  Maybe it’s the discovery of small treasures that have been sitting there in a basket just waiting to be loved.


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