Difficult Paper

Admit it.  You have some paper in your stash that you just don’t know how to use.  I wish I only had 1 or 2 pieces.  Nope.  I have a couple dozen or so that fit the bill.  To be fair, I purchased most of it when I first started scrapping and had no idea what I was doing.  Now that I know my style, I am left with beautiful paper that for me is unusable.

Every once in a while I push up my shirt sleeves and decide to tackle one of those papers.  No, I have never been absolutely pleased with the results.  That’s okay.  I learned long ago that I am not going to hit it out of the ballpark every time.  I know I could just as easily donate it, but I refuse.  I’m much too frugal (frugal sounds so much better than cheap) to do that.  So I decide to take it on as a challenge.


This layout is the result of one of those challenges.  I used an old paper from the St. Nick Fancy Pants collection.  Truth be told, I love that background paper.  It has a lovely design… that just does not work with the way I scrap.  The only thing I could figure out to do was go minimalist on it.  A single photo with only 2 small layers behind it seemed about right.  Now I wish I had added a few more messy layers, keeping them all barely bigger than the photo.

I tried using embellishments that matched the paper almost exactly.  I found hearts and stars ephemera that matched the paper perfectly.  You won’t believe this.  The Say Cheese II ephemera from Simple Stories was a dead on match for the hearts and stars in a Fancy Pants Christmas collection.  That’s just so weird to me.  I also took the title “Believe” piece and the gold Viewmaster disc from Say Cheese II.  So welcome to my Christmas/Disney mashup page.

The paper may not be what I would purchase now, but I am still glad I used it.


4 thoughts on “Difficult Paper

  1. I finally purged some off the ugly first started scraping paper to a good cause a few years ago. My bigger problem is that I continued to buy paper when my kids were very little and I had no time, then when I started scrapping again I tound my taste had changed. Great challenge. Fantastic layout!


  2. I love when paper from one line matches that of another line, and this all went together so well. Lovely picture and layout. I also have paper that is hard to use, so I end up cutting it up or doing just what you did – doing a minimalist design.


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