Serenity Now

I’m pretty sure that line, “Serenity Now,” was featured in a Seinfeld episode.  My husband is a huge fan, so certain lines stick with me.  Right now it is my mantra.  I have toothaches on both sides of my mouth.  One will be experiencing a root canal tomorrow.  The other one I need checked, but I am afraid it may suffer the same fate.  Having 2 root canals within a week or two of each other seems so unjust.  I mean, I brush and floss.  I visit the dentist every six months.  Why have my teeth just given up?  Genetics probably have something to do with it.

If that weren’t enough, my husband shared his cold with me.  I do love the man.  Perhaps he is secretly trying to do me in.  Luckily for me, the worst of it seems to be over in record time (thank you Zicam), and I can breathe a bit through my nose again.  All of this is just completely overwhelming to my dental anxiety self.

So after sharing that two paragraph whine, I think I need to share a bit of serenity.  This is my view when I’m working at home.


I just need to keep this little piece of serenity with me tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Serenity Now

  1. Oh, so sorry. Our family had the nasty cold. The kids relapsed yesterday. Glad you’re feeling a bit better, hope you continue to maximum health. — My hubs has had more root canals than I can tell you, so I feel your pain. Definitely genetics, because he like you brushes and flosses. Although we just discovered the Philips Sonicare brushes — the Essence was fairly cheap on Amazon and you feel like you just went to the dentist and your teeth feel cleaner longer. We’re hoping that will help him, and we got them for the whole family. Good luck tomorrow.


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