It’s Been Too Long…

I know.  I have left this blog to wither over the last 6 weeks.  Please forgive me.  My work kept me from all of my crafty outlets.  When you scrapbook at the pace of a snail out on a leisurely Sunday stroll, you need some solid blocks of time in order to create.  That was just not going to happen… until now.  Oh sweet summer, I love you!

This is actually a layout I did quite some time ago, when the sun was actually shining.  It is one of my favorites.  I think it’s the dark woodgrain from October Afternoon that makes me swoon.

True Love Cat

I have to admit, that whenever I can make a layout from scraps, I get a little giddy.  This layout was the result of me pulling pieces from my scrap bin and layering them up without overthinking it.  Do you see that ombre turquoise paper layered on the back left?  It was a piece that had been a part of my scraps forever.  I had misted white cardstock using a stencil and some Mr. Huey’s mist.  It didn’t turn out.  I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it.  And then I finally realized I could just let a tiny part peek out.  Nobody would ever know that it was a giant experiment fail… except that I just told you.

The embellishments were some die cuts, stickers, and pins that were really old.  The flower pins in yellow and turquoise had come in a warehouse box from Webster’s Pages.  They aren’t something that I generally use, so it felt good to get a couple on this page.  I couldn’t even tell you who manufactured the die cuts.  They were in my leftovers pile.  If I don’t recognize them, they must be ancient.

Generally I don’t put a lot of thought into titles.  Usually they are an afterthought.  (It’s a bad scrapping habit of mine.)   In this case, I knew I wanted a fairly large font.  I wanted to leave that woodgrain on show, but there was just too much empty real estate between the bottom of the patterned papers and the bottom of the layout.  Luckily I had those chipboard letters in a large font.  They help to bridge the gap between the photo and that cluster.

Ah, it feels good to be at least talking about scrapbooking again.  Tomorrow I will get out the scissors and glue and see what happens.  I don’t promise a new post.  Baby steps… I’m taking baby steps.


One thought on “It’s Been Too Long…

  1. I love the woodgrain paper with the yellow, blue and pink. Also, a factor of my page enjoyment could be that I have a cat that looks very similar to your. So fabulous that you were able to use scraps and pull off such a gorgeous layout!


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