Beginning to “Kill a Kit”

I decided to try my hand at the old “Kill a Kit.”  If you haven’t heard of this before, it refers to using up a scrapbooking kit.  Kits can be found from several vendors.  They include a range of coordinating papers and some matching embellishments.  Of course, there was just one problem for me.  You see, I’ve never purchased a kit in my life.  Instead, I decided to pull one of the zillion paper packs that I have collecting dust in my scrap room.

I’m not really sure why I buy paper packs.  There are always papers in them that I don’t really like.  I tend to pull one or two papers from a pack and mix them with open stock papers.  So what is the point of buying the pack?  Okay, I admit it.  They were on sale.  I’m such a sucker for a sale.

Since I have such a hard time using these paper packs, I went through looking for something bright and cheery that would inspire me.  I decided upon Echo Park’s Here & Now collection.


I just love the colors in these papers.  Admittedly, I even purchased duplicates of some sheets.  They are just so bright, happy, and versatile.

For one of my first layouts, I pulled that beautiful woodgrain (I seem to be on a woodgrain kick), and that bright pink.  I love turquoise and pink.  I blame Shimelle Laine.  She uses similar color combinations quite often.  I also decided to use the paper strip “A Simply Wonderful Ordinary Day” to use as my title.  That brought in a little bit of chalkboard dark grey to the party, and separated the two bright colors.  In reality, all three of these colors are drawn from the photos.  The pink and grey from that little cutie’s shirt and the dark elements in the background.

A Simply Wonderful Ordinary Day

In the spirit of using up this kit, I wanted to take some pieces from the sticker sheet that came in the paper pack.  Each of the clusters began with the large stickers that had the same bracket shape.  Popping those up on some foam adhesive helped give the mostly flat layout some dimension.  I then added in the turquoise flowers from my stash.  I also added sticker flowers and chevrons.  It’s a lot of stickers, but I really wanted to make a dent in that sheet.  I felt like there was too much white left on the sticker in the bottom left, so I used a grey wood heart to help fill the space.  The added bonus was that it brought some grey into that lower cluster.  I know the title piece is right there and full of chalkboard grey goodness, but I didn’t feel like that was part of the cluster.

So my kill a kit project is under way.  Let’s see where I go next.



One thought on “Beginning to “Kill a Kit”

  1. I love the vibrant colors of this collection and am a sucker for a sale as well. Super cute layout made with it. You did a great job on your clusters.


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