Absolutely Shocked

In order to gain some real estate on my fairly small scrapping desk, I decided to change my scrap storage.  I had been keeping my scraps in a basket.  It was cute and handy.  However, an actual paper holder is much skinnier.  So, I purchased one and began to transfer my scraps.

Here is where my shock comes into play.  The paper holder is stuffed!  My scraps won’t all fit.  Even after weeding out papers I will never use, the holder is an overstuffed explosion waiting to happen.  I would show you, but really, no one needs to see that mess.

Really, how did this happen?  I use my scraps.  I’ve prided myself on how pretty much every layout includes scraps.  If I felt scraps were beginning to pile up, I made some cards to help clear them out of my stash.  So, how did I somehow manage to accumulate so many bits and pieces?  *Sigh*  I guess I am a scrap addict.

As a result of this development, I am going to spend the next week working on my scraps.  Cards will be made.  The Silhouette will be employed to cut out embellishments.  Pages will have a scraps only focus.

And here are my first efforts at scrap disposal.  The cards made with strips are lifts of a card by Elizabeth Mindemann.  It is a great design for using up those branding strips.


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