Kill a Kit Part 2

I know… I know.  One day I’m going through scraps, and the next I’m back to the Kill a Kit.  One word pretty much sums up my scrapping attention span.  Squirrel!  The truth is, I get bored if I stick with one thing too long.

I’m going to go back and forth between these two projects.  There is enough variety between the two to keep me interested for a while.  Really, the kill a kit will be a pretty quick process.  I had already used up some of the papers, so I won’t get a ton of layouts.  The scrap busting project allows me to make both layouts and cards.  The colors will vary, so it will keep it feeling pretty fresh.

Blue Eyed Girl

For this layout, I chose my picture first.  I did have that bright pink in the Here & Now line in the back of my head when I went through my photos.  The pink in this cutie’s shirt was a good match.  From there I went with the stripe paper, drawing my color choices from it.  The yellow, teal, and green helped me keep a bright tone.

As I put my layers together, I felt like it needed something more.  It turns out that the pink cardstock was hanging out in my scraps.  (See, I did fit some scraps into this!)  By adding it to the left of my layers, the page felt a bit more balanced to me.

Since there is quite a number of colors in this page, I had a wide range of embellishments to choose from in my collection.  Again, I did pull stickers from this collection.  However I also found die cuts, velum shapes, and stickers from my stash as well.

Though I really like how this turned out, I do regret one thing.  I just don’t have a steady enough hand when it comes to outlining the papers in black.  It looks so good when other people do it.  I can’t seem to get it right.  Still, it does help set the papers apart.

My favorite part of this layout is the funky borders in all different designs.  I have zigzags as well as 2 different scallops.  For some reason, I feel like the variety of shapes and colors actually pulls the piece together.  Maybe it just reflects my personality.  I am a little “quirky” as my husband describes me.




One thought on “Kill a Kit Part 2

  1. I viewed your layout before reading your post. I have to say the first thing that caught my attention that I just love is the back pink paper with the zigzag edge. The next thing that caught my attention was the outlining of the papers. I stink at it and love to see it. Then I read your post, I think you did a fabulous job. Again great clusters.


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