Cut Apart Cards

So many people do Project Life style albums, that cut apart cards have become a regular part of collections.  For those of us that don’t scrap that way, at least not yet, these cards pose a bit of a challenge.  We have to be more creative in order to get them used.  Now if there are cards on one side, and a patterned paper on the other, great!  I will just use the patterned paper side.  However, that is not usually the case.

When I worked on this page for my kill a kit project, I was targeting those pesky cut aparts.  In this case, I did use them much like a divided pocket page.  I wanted to put 3 photos on this page, so I chose a couple of cut aparts to go into the opposing “blocks” on the page.  I reserved that top block for a coordinating scrap of paper and the title.

I felt that this page was pretty busy, so I didn’t embellish it much.  (Yeah, I’m not a huge embellisher anyway.  I admit it.)  Again, I went for the sticker sheet first and added a few in the bottom blocks.  Additionally, I pulled 2 die cuts from the Fancy Pants Wonderful Day collection.  Did I mention it mixes really well with Here & Now?  I love it!

Sweet Silly Girl

Hopefully the next time I use cut apart cards, I can use them more creatively.  Maybe I can add them to my layers or cut them into smaller pieces.  Any ideas?


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