When You Run Out of Paper

Please don’t panic.  I have not actually run out of paper.  I’m fairly confident that I could scrap the next 3-5 years without buying a single sheet.  I’m trying to tell myself it is because my best friend just gave me a pile of paper that’s at least 6 inches tall.  But I have a feeling that my own stash would have been sufficient to cover my needs.

No, I’m talking about my kill a kit project which appears to have come to an end.  There are a couple of pages that I made that I’m not sharing.  This left me with very little to use for my final layout.  I took the scraps and decided on this vertical layout.  It’s very different for me.  I tend to use so much more patterned paper on a page.


These are the Days

The light pink paper was the only piece large enough to use as a mat for my photo.  I then cut up my 2 remaining scraps so that I could spread them out down my page.  I wanted strips of paper, rather than blocks to form my vertical column.  The bright pink ended up on the top and bottom to give the ends a bit more weight.

The embellishments on this page bounce back and forth from one side of the page to the other.  I do see one issue.  At a glance, it looks like that I didn’t put any embellishment to the right, except for the heart speech bubble.  In fact, I did put that row of pink flower brads.  The problem is, they don’t overlap the kraft cardstock at all.  This makes the layout appear unbalanced.  Chances are, I’ll add something over to the right side before I put this page away.

Now that this project is done, I’m left with a few stickers, some cut apart cards, and many great memories.  I’m not ready to take on another collection right now.  For the next few weeks I would like the freedom to mix and match supplies like the crazy woman I am.  Maybe this winter I will pull out a partly used collection and work with it until the scraps are gone.  It really is a satisfying process.


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