3 Is a Crowd

I am almost exclusively a 4×6 photo scrapper.  I’m just too lazy to edit my photos or use different apps.  Though this isn’t generally a problem, if I want to put 3 or more photos on a page, I run out of room.  If one of those photos is a different orientation, then I’m at a total loss.

So imagine my surprise when this page actually turned out for me.  (Please ignore the weird shadows.  I photographed this outside in the bright sun.  The learning curve is slow for me.)  Look!  All 3 photos fit and I still had room to embellish AND journal.


I knew I was going with a red/yellow/black color scheme just based on the photos.  I made a squarish mat on some thin black cardstock in order to separate the photos from that yellow and white striped paper.  Those big stripes give the page some movement.

At that point I knew I needed to soften up the corners a bit.  The addition of scalloped and rounded elements at the right and left corners helped the page be less boxy.  I  also made sure those embellishment clusters were tied together by the butterflies and rosettes.

In the end, I really like how this page came together.  Sometimes those pages that pose the biggest challenges also result in the biggest successes.  At least on this page, 3 is not a crowd.


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