If You Are Messy and You Know It

No, I will not be clapping my hands.  Right now I am feeling the frustration that only comes with being a messy scrapbooker.  My room has finally reached the tipping point of being unusable.

I see three main issues right now.  First, I don’t have the proper storage for my supplies.  About 6 months ago I did buy some cubes to help with this problem.  It did help.  I finally had a place to put my scrapbooks, buttons, ribbon and a number of punches.  The problem is that there are a number of items that still either don’t have a home, or have a poorly designed home.  My Thickers live all willy-nilly in a rolling bin.  My 12×12 sticker sheets sit in a drawer that allows them to slide all over the place.  Another drawer houses my glitter, Stickles, embossing powders, and embroidery thread.  (One of these things is not like the others!)

Yes, I am just disorganized.  Things don’t always go back right after I am done working with them.  Every once in a while I will clean the room and begin the mess making all over again.  Which oddly, usually works pretty well for me… until today.  I wanted to make a Christmas card.  I needed a sticker or die cut to place on the front.  Could I find my Christmas themed items?  No.  They weren’t with my stickers.  They weren’t with my chipboard or die cut packs.  I then remembered that I separated out all of my Christmas products so that they were all together.  Which was a great idea, until I couldn’t find them.

The real epiphany for me is that I simply have too much product.  (Which really is a good problem to have.)   I do have containers to hold my paper.  However, at this point, I have way more paper than will fit in them.  I have a drawer for my wood veneer, chipboard, and brads.  If I try to shove one more package in there, it will explode.  There is too much pretty goodness!

So how am I going to fix this?  I’m now systematically going through one area at a time and reorganizing.  As I go through that process, I’m taking items that I know I won’t use and putting them in a box to donate to my elementary school.  It isn’t much, but it frees up a little space. I’ve added in a couple of containers so things like my chipboard pieces are easier to find.

I also plan on scrapping more often.  In order to get items out of my stash, I need to use them.  So for now, I am working on a page or a card each day.  I know I can’t keep up the pace forever.  Still, every piece of paper counts when you are trying to make room.  Hopefully I will be able to see a change by the end of next month.




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