At the Pier

It was bound to happen.  I got tired of my project that involved using up all of my scraps.  I started itching to break out some uncut paper.  Besides, I need to use up paper so that it can fit into my holders again.  Really this layout lives a little bit in both worlds.

There are both new papers and scrap papers on this layout.  I got to use that red and white polka dot paper.  (I really like a polka dot for a background.  It adds interest while not being too busy.)  The blue chevron and bright green stripe were scraps.  Everything else came out of my 6×6 pads.  So, I used scraps and made new scraps.  Hrm, that didn’t really net me any space in my scraps bin.

At the pier

This sign in this photo allowed for a nice variety of color. (And for once there is no pink or aqua!)  It really made picking out papers quite easy.  I even managed to work in both a multi-color star paper and a multi-color dot paper!  They are far enough away from each other that the small amount used didn’t clash.

Embellishing this piece was a snap.  The number of papers and colors called for a pretty small amount of embellishment.  If I had added a lot of embellishment, it simply would have overwhelmed the photo.  Since I had a chevron/dot/star/stripe thing going, I pulled some die cuts from a Simple Stories’ Say Cheese II collection.  Those banners with the arrows seemed to fit perfectly.  I also pulled the “Admit One” ticket and the “here we go!” banner.  Then all I really needed was some dimension.  A few chipboard hearts with enamel dots, and voila!  Why can’t embellishing always be this easy?

I would like to add, that I did get inspiration from somewhere when I made this.  Even though I just finished this page last week, I can’t remember what the inspiration was.  A scan through hundreds of pins yielded nothing.  If I ever find the page or sketch that started me on the path to this layout, I will link it!


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