Two Difficult Tasks

I sometimes torture myself.  In this case, I decided to tackle two difficult tasks at once.  First, I wanted to scrapbook some photos that still sting and hurt.  I feel like they need to be scrapped.  I don’t want to avoid them forever.  Second, I wanted to use a collection that doesn’t really speak to me.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a lovely collection.  One of the papers is actually used in a favorite layout, Purr.  Still, for some reason, it just does not click with me.

In order to make the process easier, I started with a sketch.  That way I could determine how many different papers I would need to pull from the collection.  After browsing my handy dandy pins, I chose a fairly simple and clean sketch from the Let’s Get Sketchy blogspot.  (Can I just say how much I appreciate the other blogs out there that make paper crafting so much easier?)

I knew I wanted to use some orange, because there is a bit of it in the photo.  That led me to choose the blue background as contrast.  To tie everything together, I used the multi-color stripe.  At that point, none of the other papers in the collection really worked.  So I pulled some green from my scraps (Yes, I’m still using scraps!) and went with it.  You’ll notice I also used some black to outline the banner and the circle.  I just felt the patterns needed some separation.

nervous girl

Once the papers were all placed and glued, I pretty much left the sketch behind.  This is my M.O. for using sketches.  I find that because I just eyeball everything,  I can’t follow a sketch exactly.  Rather than beat my head against a desk trying to get it right, I just do my own thing.  First, I moved the title from the lower right corner to up above the photos.  That covered up what was an awkward amount of orange showing up top.  (I admit it.  Most of my process is trying to fix the things that I screwed up.  I like to call it creative problem solving.)  Then I added journaling to the lower right to replace the title.  (See, still trying to fix things.)

For embellishment I chose some chipboard and stickers.  See that “the story” sticker?  Yeah, that’s covering up an ugly messy area in the photo.  And hey, it is strategically placed near my journaling.  By the way, I do a lot of mixing and matching of embellishment lines.  There are at least 5 different collections represented.  (Which may explain why it takes me forever to complete a page.  I look through everything I own.)

Here is a close-up.

nervous details

I think giving myself this double challenge paid off when I look at the final result.  A pretty page was created from supplies and photos that didn’t bring me joy.  I know it may seem silly, but I’m proud of this layout because it was so very hard to create.  Now, let’s go tackle something a little lighter.

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