Emphasizing Motifs

I generally don’t pay much attention to motifs when scrapbooking.  Usually my thought process around motifs goes something like this:  “Maybe I shouldn’t use boats, flowers, birds, butterflies, and chandeliers all on the same page.”  Of course that thought occurs about 5 seconds after I’ve glued everything down.  Too many motifs can make a layout feel disjointed.

So I finally created a layout where I clearly had my motifs in mind before I started.  Honestly, I really like the results.  Why can’t I always be this focused before I begin a page?  Oh yeah, squirrel!


In this case, I had that red and white star paper scrap that I wanted to use.  (You guessed it.  This is another use up the scraps layout.)  I love stars.  This layout was just begging for stars.  I also knew that I wanted to do that stitched circle.  So circles became my second repeated element.  Lastly, I had some arrows that I knew matched the colors of the papers I chose.  (Not to mention the fact that I totally struggle with using arrows.)  I told myself that those were the ONLY motifs I would use.  (I think this is the only layout I’ve ever created that didn’t include flowers, hearts, or butterflies.)

I happily figured out my paper placements and inked the edges with some Black Soot Distress Ink.  Next, I glued the papers together.  However, I did not attach them to the white cardstock background.  I penciled in the circle by tracing a round container.  Then I placed my paper layers to the side, pulled out my embroidery floss, and promptly started watching television.  Let’s face it.  Hand stitching takes forever.  The upside is that once the stitching was done, I just had to plop my already glued paper layers down in place.

Working with such a limited embellishment set was incredible.  I couldn’t just keep digging through my embellishments.  This is what I had to work with, now how was I going to make it work?  I knew I wanted some circular elements to sit on the stitching.  The only issue I ran into was that the blue circle toward the bottom had writing on it that I didn’t want on show.  So I attempted to cover it with the red star.  Okay, not 100 percent successful there.  Still, I was willing to move forward.  The arrows were pretty easy to place.  I felt like my title was “floating.”  One arrow gives it a landing place.  The other 2 help draw your eye to the title and the photo.  A couple of groups of stars later, and done!

yes details

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