Pins, Organization, and Questions

I get a ridiculous amount of inspiration from the things people have pinned.  Let’s face it.  Sometimes I need something to keep me going.  Maybe I’ve just run out of creative ideas, but still want to get some photos scrapped or a card made.  Or maybe I need to get out of a rut.  (Ever get into those?)  So I spend a lot of time pinning things for later use.  This ultimately leads to a problem.  I have thousands of scrappy pins on my boards.

It also appears that my messy nature in real life has filtered into the digital world.  My scrapbooking board currently has 1,800 pins.  Obviously, that isn’t all that helpful when I’m searching for something I want to use.  In order to alleviate my constant scrolling, I created a “currently using” board.  It was good in theory.  That is, until it reached 125 pins.  (No, I’m not working on 125 projects at once.)  So I added a, “scrap it now” board.  There are only 3 pins on it.  Phew.  As I use pins as inspiration, I move them off to my “been there, done that” board.  This means I am not constantly filtering through the same pins over and over again.  As a bonus, when I want to reference the inspiration source on this blog, I know where to find it.  (Well, except that one layout which I still haven’t located.)

So, for those of you that are organized… what is your secret?  I’m trying to figure out a way to break down those 1,800 pinned layouts.  I have noticed many people break them down by theme, such as pets or summer.  Since I’m looking at the overall composition and not a theme when I scrap, that doesn’t work for me.  I may very well take a layout about kids and spin it into a very different layout about waffles.  (There is indeed a waffle layout in my books.)  Any ideas?

I don’t have any photos to go with this particular post, so I will just leave you with random photos from my weekend.

4 thoughts on “Pins, Organization, and Questions

  1. You sound way more organised than me. I have a ‘like this but different’ private board. So called because obviously I don’t want to deliberately copy anyone, and private because I don’t want to upset someone by seeing their hard work pinned to a board with a name that could imply I thought it needed changing! I like the idea of a ‘been there, done it’ board to file things away. Might adopt that!


    1. I need a “like this but different” board. I quite often pin a page just for one element of it. Of course I don’t write down what it is I’m specifically focusing on in it. A few months later I’ve completely forgotten why I pinned it. So if I start that board and make sure those items have notes, that could be helpful.

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      1. LOL, I do that too though! I have another board for ‘inspirational items’, where I might have seen some element I liked, or it prompted an idea. Then I go back and look and cannot remember the thought process it sparked. You are right – notes are required.


  2. I thought I should just go by this post, whistling nonchalantly. I’m very visual. Most items I pin not to go back and copy. But when i need a creative boost I can look at the whole and be inspired. I tend to start with story and then think of composition. So my boards are set with a 2/3 comp, band, center, grid, L/T/diagnol, double page, 8.5×11, and multiphoto, to name a few. When I’m stuck within the comp, I can review the corresponding board. I love the been there, done that board idea.


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