Oversized Alphas

I admit that a number of my layouts are product driven.  So many things that I purchased when I first started scrapbooking just didn’t work for me.  Oversized alphabet stickers seemed great in theory, but I was not sure how to use them.  Of course I had bought several sets before I understood my scrapbooking needs.

Large letters, though dramatic on a page, do create some challenges.  Chances are, you will only have room to fit one large font word on your layout.  Not only that, but it will most likely need to be a short word.  (Though I can picture a longer word that is split up over several lines to form a column on the page.  Hrm… I may need to try that.)  Most alphabets of grandiose size also have fewer letters.  You simply aren’t going to find the 4 e’s you are wanting to use.

Keeping that in mind, I set out on finding a way to use this brick red Basic Grey sticker set.  Knowing that I wanted a short word, I settled on “bell” to match a photo of the Liberty Bell.  (Not a great photo since it appears that legs and feet are growing out of the bottom of the bell.)  I paired that with another Basic Grey alphabet that was smaller to create my title.  I loved the scripty writing for the “Liberty.”  Those two letter sets just worked fabulously well together.

Liberty Bell

The layout is a fairly simple one.  I wanted the title to have a big impact and then draw you to the photo.  I am pretty proud of this one.  Just please ignore the number of motifs going on here.  (Flowers, stars, hearts, clouds, numbers, and circles?)  That definitely breaks the no more than 3 rule.

I really think my favorite part of this page is the embellishment cluster in the upper left.  For once I managed to space everything just right.  It’s really not easy to make unconnected elements look naturally placed.  (Well, at least not for me.  I won’t even tell you how many times I’ve tried to float sequins on a card or page only to remove them in frustration.)

Liberty Bell details

I would love to see what you have done with these oversized fonts.  There are more alpha sheets in my stash just waiting for some inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Oversized Alphas

  1. This is laid out nicely with focus on you title and picture. I love how you used larger letters, it was inspiration for me. I struggle with large letters and barely use them hopefully others share their experience with them too. Nice work!


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