Simple Designs

I absolutely love looking at incredibly intricate scrapbook designs.  In fact, when I started my scrapbooking journey, that’s what I thought I would do.  I had envisioned incredible layers that were distressed just right covered with a million flowers and metal embellishments.  For some reason, that didn’t work out for me.  I don’t know why.  It seems like a perfect match for a girl that grew up as a tomboy and now is an adult who has no time.

Honestly, it seems like the more I put on a page, the more muddled it becomes.  I begin adding too many colors, too many motifs, too many layers that begin to clash.  The page has no cohesive flow.  (I think that’s what is happening to the page that I am stuck on right now.  I’m trying to do too much in that 12 x 12 space.)  So for now, I’m trying to reign in the papers and embellishments to create a better design.

When I decided to scrap these photos of my niece’s wedding, I knew I needed to go simple.  The photos deserved to be the star of the show.  I was determined to limit both the colors used and the number of embellishments.

The photos were truly the guide for my choices on this layout.  I was inspired to use natural elements.  The woodgrain background seemed like a good choice to go along with the trees.  The paper behind the photos has a subtle leaf print.  Additionally, I chose the navy and teal floral.  Once I had my photos and papers glued, something wasn’t quite right.  It was a bit too simple.  I needed a third color to go with the neutrals.  I chose green, the color that was so predominant in the photos.  The addition of the green ribbon and that scalloped sticker helped tie everything together.


Who can make a wedding layout without hearts?  So off into my embellishments I went to find some hearts.  I came upon a Thickers pack with gold hearts and words.  After perusing it a bit, I thought “smitten” was a cute title.  (And I must say that it is a very underused word indeed!)  I pulled a few more chipboard hearts and a lovely doily sticker.  As I was laying everything out, “smitten” was just floating down there on the woodgrain.  It needed a home!  A couple of scraps later (staying within the color scheme), I had a cute little banner for the title.

Sometimes it is good to stay simple.  In this case it allowed the bride and groom to be the star of the show.  I couldn’t be happier.


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