Same Design, New Look

One thing I love about scrapping is that you can use a basic design and give it different looks.  This new page uses the same general layout as in my last post.  I changed up the colors, embellishments, and layering to make these two layouts unique.

Let’s start with how these two layouts are alike.  Each page started with a very busy pattern that I wanted to feature on the page.  I gave them lots of real estate and balanced them out with a neutral.  Each layout has a border strip of some sort between the two background papers.  I also placed the titles in relatively the same positions.  Yes, it sounds so very formulaic.  It is!  Sometimes you just need to go with what you know.

How do I keep two very similar pages from looking like carbon copies?  I begin with different color schemes.  The “Autumn Girl” layout is completely fall themed.  It features orange, blue, brown, green, and a lovely brick red.  It is the epitome of autumn in all of its wondrous glory.  (And hey, the pumpkins definitely add to that theme.)  Contrast that with the pink, yellow, grey, and black My Mind’s Eye papers of “right now.”  The color palette is limited to pink, yellow, black, and gold resulting in a feminine chic vibe.  (At least that’s what I’m calling it.)

In order to shake up the design a bit, I did more with the second layout.  Notice all of those layers behind the photo?  I used papers of varying sizes and colors to create a larger mat.  Not only did I incorporate more papers, I also created larger embellishment clusters.  I used the clusters to frame the photo in a pretty substantial way.  They aren’t the small accents that you see in “Autumn Girl” that almost fade into the background.  The embellishments on “right now” are large, have dimension, and include a little bling.

Do I worry about using the same design more than once?  Not at all.  These two beauties won’t even be in the same scrapbook.  And if they were, I still wouldn’t think twice about it.  I’ve changed them up enough that no one would ever notice the similarities.  Chances are, I will use this same idea again a time or two.  Next time I think I will rotate the page 90 degrees for a whole new look.


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