Pocket Page Take 1

I have mentioned in the past that I am NOT a pocket page scrapper.  In a decade of scrapbooking I had created exactly zero pocket layouts.  I scrap in a 12×12 or 8×8 format just fine.  However, if you give me any other sizes to work with, I am clueless.  This is not to say that I don’t own pocket page materials, including the pocket pages themselves.  (Please don’t ask why.  I think it would just be safe to assume that I own every paper crafting supply ever made.)

The other day I was organizing my space and found the pocket pages I purchased YEARS ago.  I also ran across my Simple Stories Life Documented collection.  It was a sign.  A pocket page had to be created.

After perusing the papers, I decided the colors worked well with some of my cat photos.  (I only had about 100 to choose from.)  So I pulled out 3 photos of my boy and 3 photos of my girl.  I would dedicate one side of the pocket page for each cat.  It was actually a good opportunity since I had been wanting to document their different personalities.

Then I ran into my first challenge.  The photos of my girl were in a true 4×6 format.  My little boy’s pictures were 4×5 and something.  *Sigh*  I needed to find a way to make the smaller photos look good in the pocket.  So after perusing the papers, I decided to use the 4×6 cut apart sheet.  I chose those cards that were not only good color matches, but that also allowed me to cover up the sentiments or icons printed on them.  This brings me to problem number 2.  One of the cards still had a bit of the writing showing. Being the problem solver that I am, I put together those paper flowers that sit in the corner of each photo.  (Scrapbooking:  the art of fixing mistakes)  I didn’t like how the flowers just sat there.  Yes, problem 3.  Off I went to the phrase stickers and found a few that I could run along the bottom of the photos.

Once I got to the journaling block, I wasn’t sure what to do other than start writing.  I didn’t know how much room I would need.  As it turns out, I needed all of the block!  I am so happy that it didn’t leave a lot of room for embellishment.  I placed a couple of flowers in opposite corners, along with a few more phrase stickers and called it a day.

Pocket Page

I’m not thrilled with the overall composition of the page.  I feel like it needs more bells and whistles.  Working in an unfamiliar format (and in a distressed style that I don’t use) threw me off of my game.  Honestly, I’m feeling okay about this first attempt.  I managed to use up some older products and document my little loves in the process.  With practice, I think I can make a well designed pocket page.  I just need to play with the designing on a smaller canvas.

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