When I’m Not Inspired

I’m in a bit of a slump lately.  It happens to all of us.  The crafty mojo has left the building, and I’m not quite sure when it will return.

Usually when this happens, I don’t scrap.  I look at my materials.  I may even organize them.  However, I don’t glue any paper.  Nothing comes to mind, so I walk out of my craft room absolutely frustrated.

I refuse to let that habit continue.  There are simply too many beautiful supplies in my room to let sit and collect dust.  It doesn’t make financial sense to invest that much money and let it go to waste.  I am determined to be crafty even when I don’t feel like it.

The easiest way for me to keep pushing through the scrappy doldrums is to make cards.  I can use up a few scraps while feeling guilt free.  If I don’t like the final product, I haven’t really lost anything.  So I sat down this week and just went for it, with no plan in mind.

I wound up with three decent cards.  I wish I had done a bit more layering, especially on the last card.  Still, most of these supplies have been around for years.  See that green plaid print?  I’ve had that paper for a decade.  That flower sticker was purchased around that same time.  All of the papers and stickers are years old.  Truly the only new supplies are those red birds.  I’ve had that stamp forever, but just bought the dies for them.

I know that these cards aren’t earth shattering designs.  That’s okay.  My stash is a little smaller.  Someone will still love receiving them.  And best of all, I haven’t given up on paper crafting.  Oh, and if you find my mojo, could you send it back this way?  I would really like to make something phenomenal.

2 thoughts on “When I’m Not Inspired

  1. I think your cards are great. The bird one is my favourite. I think your mojo may have met up with mind somewhere (often goes awol). They are probably in a bar, sipping mojitos. With Elvis.

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