Scrappy SOS

I’m stuck.  I put together a layout using this sketch from the Sketches in Thyme blog.  It is a lovely sketch.  Perhaps I’m struggling because I removed the embellishment that is supposed to run along the right side of the photos.  There just weren’t any nifty scrolly curly embellishments in my stash.  (And really, I never copy a sketch exactly.)  I just know it is missing something.  A third color maybe?  Something to make it less boxy?


I used that lovely We R Memory Keepers paper in the background as my starting point.  I love the teal to lime ombre.  Then I searched through my scraps and found the large teal polka dot paper.  It was a perfect match!  As I was digging, I also found that little scrap of a floral.  It was teal and olive, but I felt it was close enough to use. (In other words, I wanted it out of my stash!)  I’m very happy with the papers.  Still, something is not quite right.

So my scrappy friends, help me out.  What is it that this page needs?  How do I take it from drab to magical?  I’ve spent days looking at it, now it’s your turn.  I just know you will see something that I don’t.  Help!


7 thoughts on “Scrappy SOS

  1. I am looking on a screen that won’t let me see the whole image at once – I have to keep scrolling up and down, so my view is a bit rubbish. I looked at the link and the layout you took inspiration from. The flower and flourish they had is pretty large, so maybe you might like something on a similar scale? How about a whole lot of butterflies down the right-hand side of your images? In different shades or patterns, and maybe overlapping or at varied angles? It’s pretty already though and I love the colours you have chosen.


  2. How about a tree ‘growing’ up the left hand side – slightly overlapping the photos, cut in dark card, so that it looks as if in silhouette, and if you could do it in the same colour as the body of the butterfly, the colour would link, and also anchor that butterfly.

    The tree would speak to the garden, and you could keep it bare or add leaves (even in green to contrast), or blossom.
    But … it’s just an idea I’ve thrown into the mix. 🙂
    Happy Scrapping! ~ Cobs.

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    1. I like the idea of a tree. I’m wondering if I can pull that off. The biggest challenge would be getting the dimensions just right. The color is definitely I could do. I have enough of the brown cardstock that’s on the left hand side, and I could add some light green leaves. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

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      1. Put some slightly sticky out bits (where, if it where a real tree, the owner would have trimmed the lower branches back in order to encourage the tree to grow tall and strong. It will add detail, so that you don’t have a straight up and straight down tree trunk.

        Just another idea (again) .. you could also put (chalk or carved) markings on the tree to show heights of children, or years living in the property and what you did in that year. (If there isn’t enough room on the tree, put thread or bakers twine, string etc) leading to a journalling card, sticky dot, bit of plain/decorated card with a short sentence of what you want to bring to the readers attention.

        Again .. please don’t feel the need to do any of the suggestions. They’re just ideas, and what is one persons idea of a possible, can be another persons idea of a car crash. LOL

        Very best wishes with your page. It’s looking lovely. It just needs that extra kick to bring it all together.
        ~ Cobs. 🙂

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