When Obsessions Collide

By now you should have figured out that I am obsessed with scrapbooking.  I am not satisfied with just making pages.  I follow trends and stalk the new products available.  (I still wish I could get paid for scrappy shopping.  It would be the best career ever.)  I spend every weekend creating something with paper and glue.  Really, there is an entire room of my house dedicated to this folly.  How crazy is that?

It was only a matter of time before my other fixation became the subject of a layout.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have a nail polish addiction.  The photos in this layout don’t reveal how deep the problem runs.  You see, shortly after taking the photograph of my new nail polish rack, I obtained about 50 more bottles.  Fifty!  There is no longer any space between the bottles on the top 4 shelves.

I specifically have a Zoya problem.  I have around 70 bottles of polish now.  I believe that 65 of those 70 are Zoya.  (For you math people, that is approximately 93 percent of the bottles.)  Out of all of my polishes, Sunshine is my favorite.  It is a lovely denim colored matte texture polish that has a bit of sparkly glitter thrown in for good measure.  Oh how I love that polish!  It makes me happy year round.


It just so happens that I recently received a scrappy order that included the Posh collection from Simple Stories.  If you love pretty papers, please take a look at it.  There is a lovely mix of colors, with bits of gold for an extra glittery punch.  I am also a little bit in love with the icons you will find among the embellishments.  There are birds, hearts, dogs, arrows, flowers, and feathers.  It’s a nice mix for everyday use.  The chipboard pieces are amazing!  They pop right out of the package and aren’t too clunky.

I began with the navy and white stripe paper from Posh and then chose the peachy pink background paper from another collection.  The embellishments are Posh die cuts and chipboard pieces.  I just loved sitting those birds on top of the word “sparkle.”  They just fit perfectly.  It needed a little more color, so I punched the scallop border in that pop of green.  Overall, I like the composition.

If you know me, you know I’m not completely happy.  The border below the photos is too blue.  It doesn’t look quite so blue in person, but in this photo I can tell it doesn’t quite match.  I am also not happy with the area below “Nails.”  It needed some gold to balance it off, but nothing quite worked.  I wound up using a thin gold washi.  It isn’t bad.  I just wish I had not written my journaling there.  Oh well.  I’ve learned not to do that again.

Now that I have documented the insanity that is my nail obsession, I can move on.  What should I scrap next?  My love of coconut water?  Maybe I should actually decorate my house (of 8 years) and scrap the process.  Most likely I will return to the hundreds of pictures of my cats.  Yes, I am certainly captivated by my cats.

6 thoughts on “When Obsessions Collide

  1. Sorry I missed this somehow, but tonight I wondered why I hadn’t seen a post from you so came to check! First thing COOL nail colour!! Am loving that all over and up and down! I can see why you love this range too – the colours are so good and the embellishments and little details work together brilliantly. And yes, leave the decorating – although by the sound of it you could potentially paint a room with nail product!


    1. I’m sure that once Christmas arrives, there will be even more nail product in my collection. Santa does a wonderful job of filling my stocking.

      I really do need to decorate. It just isn’t one of my talents. Maybe if I get a second job I could pay someone to do it.

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      1. I know what you mean. Here in the UK a basic painter and decorator’s daily rate is way more than I earn for a day. Next time I am coming back as a tradesperson. Or a multi-millionaire. Maybe the second one is better.

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