Too Many Supplies

I can’t believe I’m about to say this.  I have too many scrappy supplies.  It isn’t just an organizational problem.  (Trust me, that is a real issue.)  The amount of scrappy goodness living in my craft room is more than I can wrap my head around.

It wasn’t that long ago that I could tell you what I had.  For any given project I could tell you what die cuts, chipboard, or matching buttons would work.  Now, I dig through an entire huge basket of die cuts because I’m not sure what I have.  There are drawers that I paw through, only to find something I don’t even remember buying.  All of this sorting through product takes time away from actual crafting.

Luckily I haven’t doubled up on purchasing materials too often.  Occasionally I will accidentally duplicate a piece of paper.  Honestly, I don’t worry much about that.  If I have 2 of the same paper, it just means I really liked it.  Both pieces will get used.

But, it is starting to interfere with my purchasing in another way.  Since I have so much product, I don’t know what I actually need.  (I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking that if you have that much stuff, you don’t need anything!  Basic logic.)  However, that became a problem when I ran out of adhesive.  Have you ever tried to scrapbook without adhesive?  I simply didn’t notice that my tape runners were gone because I had 3 packages of small glue dots where I keep my adhesive.

This issue reared its ugly head again as I was trying to make Christmas cards.  I assumed that I had plenty of 6×6 paper pads that were Christmas themed.  So as I sorted through my pads I was gobsmacked to discover that I had one partial Christmas pad.  It is mostly comprised of chevrons and polka dots that are cream, brick red, or turquoise.  Not exactly the colors or motifs I wanted on this particular day.  Since I have so much of everything, I thought I had what I needed.  Not so.

In the end, I did make a card.  I used some scraps in some not very Christmas colors.  And I vow to buy less, and use more.  Yes, I have said that before.  Maybe it’s a good New Year’s resolution.  That gives me 2 more months to shop.


4 thoughts on “Too Many Supplies

  1. I like your logic!! Two months to stock up before a craft ‘diet’. Lay some supplies in and prepare for siege. I’d fall off the wagon in the first week. I really like your card though!

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      1. I believe ‘fabulous sales’ would be one of those things that would fall outside the terms and conditions of your agreement or promise. Therefore they are exempt from the abstinence clause and full advantage can be taken of the great bounty on offer. I’m pretty sure this is legally watertight.

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  2. I have a similar issue. I love buying crafty bits and owning them, but I’m at the stage that only a small proportion can be touched as if I move too much I cause an avalanche. I ran out of Pritt Stick and tape runners for that reason

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