Scrapping Rut

I’m in yet another scrapping rut.  It’s not that I’m not scrapping.  I am.  In fact, every week either new cards or new layouts are produced in my scrap room.  That sounds fantastic, right?  So what’s the problem?

I have lost my creativity mojo.  I honestly didn’t even realize I had lost it.  That is, until I was sorting through my layouts to put away into albums.  Here are two of the layouts.  I made one last week, and another about 6 months ago.

Do you see it?  They are essentially the same.  Embellishments in upper right corner, lower left corner, and then to the upper left of the photos.  (They overlap the photo in both!)  A vertical element on the left hand side of each layout.  (Lavender paper in the first layout, photo in the second)  I even have a decorative border sticker approximately a third of the way from the bottom of each layout.

How did this happen?  I wasn’t using a sketch for either layout.  With six months between layouts, I’m fairly certain one didn’t influence the creation of the other.  So, it can only be one thing.  I’ve become predictable.  I have a comfort zone, and stick to it.

Some of the rules of art have been so ingrained, that I just automatically default to them.  The most obvious rule here are the rule of thirds.  I’ve split each of the pages into visual thirds from top to bottom.  I’ve also stuck to the rule of having the eye flow from upper left to lower right.

I think it’s time to break out of my box.  Sometimes you need to throw out the rules and start over.  I’m thinking my next layout needs to be a bit more free form. Perhaps something on a white card stock with lots of room to breathe.  Maybe something messy with lots of ink and stamping.  I make no promises, but it is clearly time to try something new.


One thought on “Scrapping Rut

  1. Go for it! It’s only paper after all. Although I think we both know that neither of us would use the really good stuff to try something outside the comfort zone for the first time! But white card and ink sounds good. Show us when you are done?


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