Trying Something New… Or Not

I had every intention of doing something completely new.  It was time to break out of my box.  The comfort zone had become too comfortable.  So before starting my next layout, I tried to make sure what I did was new and different.  I pulled materials that I don’t generally use.  I started with some stamps to create a background.  Then I pulled kraft cardstock as a base, something I don’t typically use.

And then this happened.  *Sigh*  Yes, it looks just like my other layouts.


You see, I started digging through my scraps.  I found that green paisley.  (Oh how I adore a paisley.)  That resulted in more digging, which led me to all of the other papers.  The papers practically laid themselves out onto the page.  And the next thing I know, I have a very familiar layout with no stamping.  (The stamps are still sitting forlornly on my desk, waiting for a little love and attention.)

I chose to embellish this quite simply with hearts.  The cork hearts live on my desk.  It seems that I purchased not one, but two packs of them over a year ago.  I keep them within reach, hoping that some will actually get used.  I also had a pack of Shimelle’s puffy hearts handy.  So I added in some punched hearts, and one giant natural wood heart to form my embellishment clusters.  It still needed something, so I sprinkled in the green pearls.

Honestly, it still needs something.  It is a simple design.  No trumpets or fanfare to be found here.  I think it is a lot like me… straightforward and gets the job done.

The next project I make will really be different.  Wait, haven’t I said that before?

5 thoughts on “Trying Something New… Or Not

  1. Funny how cats will always choose to sit on something, on something, if you see what I mean. Used to drive me mad when I sewed and the cat would always sit on the pattern pieces on the floor! I think you are too hard on yourself. I like the page and you have lots of interesting details going on, but still get to focus on your lovely pets.

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    1. I absolutely understand what you mean. I have a bad habit of hanging my coats on the back of a chair. For the longest time I could not figure out how they always ended up on the floor. Then one day I caught that black and grey puffball pawing at my coat until it fell onto the floor. At which point, she curled herself up into it.

      So now that I am working on breaking that bad habit of mine, she has tried to replicate her behavior in a new way. When I wear the robe in the photo, she paws at it as I am standing there. That’s right. She’s trying to get the robe to come off onto the floor so she can use it!

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