Oldie but Goodie

I was looking at some projects I wanted to frame, and ran across this one.  As far as scrapping goes, this is a very basic page.  It has a beautiful ombre paper in the background.  On top of that I just placed a few rectangle scraps and a 6×6 paper.  The embellishments consist of some Silhouette cuts, die cuts, and a couple of chipboard pieces.  Easy peasy.

Despite the lack of scrapping finesse, I find it is one of my favorite pages of all time.  Most of my scrapping is therapy.  It is time spent alone creating a work of art.  The process calms my mind and makes me happy.  In this case, I find it is the photo itself that brings me such joy.  Photos rarely move me.  They may be cute or beautiful, but not moving.  Usually they just document a time in my life.  This photo, however, is special.

When my niece was a child, she would spend a week with me every summer.  We would swim, bake cakes, or create art.  I loved this time together with her.  Then I met my husband.  I wasn’t sure what the dynamic between them would be.  It turns out, for a week every summer I wound up with 2 kids on my hands.  They were silly and often ganged up on me.  It was fabulous.

Love Always

This candid photo on my niece’s wedding day is a reminder of those wonderful times.  My husband loved that little girl. She may be all grown up now and 3,000 miles away, but I will always cherish the times we had together.


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