6×6 Continued

I am sorry that it has been forever since I posted.  It turns out that I am not inspired to create when having a toothache for weeks on end.  Now that the little pain in the jaw is taken care of, I am back to my scrapping ways.  Added bonus, football season has arrived!  As my husband has usurped the television for the sport, I have retreated into my scrap room.

Today’s creation continues the 6×6 challenge.  In this case, I decided to cut up a few papers from the Fancy Pants “Memories Captured” 6×6 pad into little triangles.  After many, many, MANY attempts of some sort of design, I finally decided upon a quilt pattern.

Love Fun Times 2

I have never attempted a quilt pattern before this layout.  There is a very good reason for my avoidance.  You see, carefully measuring and cutting things for accuracy is not my strength.  Honestly, you can see some of my lack of precision if you look closely.  Still, it really isn’t half bad for the amount of eyeballing it I did.

I just knew I was going to wind up with all kinds of gaps and overlaps.  For once, I planned for the mistakes to happen.  Even though I laid every triangle out beforehand, once I began gluing, those gaps and overlaps indeed started to form.  In order to reduce the visual impact of those imperfections, I started by gluing the triangles that were closest to the perimeter of the page.  Slowly I worked my way in towards the center.  Once I got to the center, pieces no longer fit correctly because I didn’t cut the triangles exactly right.  No worries!  The center was going to be covered by my photo and embellishments!  So yes, there are some big mistakes.  You just don’t see them.

Once I got all of the triangles and the photo in place, I knew I would not need a lot of embellishment.  The design itself is quite busy.  I sorted through my old die cuts and journaling cards to create the grouping to the left of the photo.  I found they blended a bit too much with my background.  In order to get them to stand out more, I used some Distress Ink in soot to ink the edges of them.  Once I added a bit of journaling, the page only needed a few more touches.  Some chipboard from the old “Summer’s End” line worked well.  Though these collections were released at different times, the colors worked great together.

It’s time for me to work on something other than 6×6 designs.  I am yearning to scrap outside of those parameters again.  Let’s see what I can come up with for next time.