The One Created by Cleaning

This is the layout that I had not anticipated on making.  You see, I went up into the scraproom to clean.  Every surface in the area was covered by random papers, embellishments, and creative whatnot.  As I began cleaning, I realized some of the random papers went well together.  And amongst them on the table, was a photo that I adore.  It was almost as if it this layout was meant to be.  (Or, the siren song of scrapbooking overpowered the desire to clean.  You be the judge.)

I do admit that the darker teal floral by Kaisercraft was something I pulled from my 6×6 pads.  I wanted a paper that would pull in that black cardstock scrap better.  All of the other papers, including the white cardstock background (difficult to see in this horrible tilty photo), the grey heart paper, and smaller scraps came from my mess.


Embellishments for this page really come from a random assortment of older items.  The white flowers as well as that little grey border sticker have been in my collection for about a decade.  The butterfly stickers and clear sparkly enamel dots, which make me swoon, are more than a year old.  If it was in the correct color scheme and nature related, I tried it out.

I do acknowledge that the bird is a bit more green than teal.  Though it doesn’t quite fit the page, it does fit the people in the page.  They are avid bird watchers.  It was the perfect embellishment for them.  In this case, I ignored the aesthetic for the content.  It’s my layout, I will mess up the color scheme if I want to.  (And yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition.  I am feeling *that* rebellious today.)

This was some of the most fun I have had cleaning in quite a while.  Now if only wiping down the kitchen were as entertaining.