Paper Inspiration

Do you ever sort through your paper and find something you just simply must use right this moment?  In all honesty, I have so much paper at this point that I forget what I have.  So when I ran across this multi-color raindrop paper by Pink Paislee, I was inspired.  It is just too cute to sit in a file any longer.  Then I spent a little time pulling some matching papers from my stash.  It wasn’t too hard to find pink, yellow, green, and orange papers to go with it.  Sadly, the green paper didn’t make the cut this time.

Once it was time to create the design, I turned to another muse, an online class.  After watching a video, I took one of the pages and put my own spin on it.  I focused on having an area of embellishment at the top and bottom, and then a small one next to the title.  The embellishment was kept quite simple because the paper is so busy!

great grandpa

Though I don’t often reach for chipboard embellishments these days, I knew I had some pieces that would match the color scheme.  Those “Adorable” and “You & Me” pieces were just perfect for these photos!  I mean, really, both that little girl and her great grandpa are adorable.  I also picked out the chevrons to point at the title.  A few brads, three puffy asterisks, and some die cut circles finished off the page.

I did want this page to include journaling.  I couldn’t find a way to insert a block of writing that would look right.  So, in this case, the journaling is on the back.  Another way I could have included journaling would be to  create a pocket behind the yellow polka dot paper.  I could have placed a pull out journal card there, with a small tab that stuck out.  Of course, I didn’t think about any of this until everything was all glued down.  *Sigh*  Isn’t that always the way?

My challenge for you is to thumb through your papers and find a piece that speaks to you… Something that calls out to be removed from your stacks and onto a page.  Use that paper as the beginning of your next fabulous layout!


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