New Supplies

Do you remember how fun it was to get new school supplies when you were in school?  There was nothing better than picking out the newest style of Trapper Keeper.  (Yes, I am fully aware that I am giving away my age.)  Now that I am a teacher, the shine has worn off a bit.  (No one wants to see back to school commercials the week after school gets out!)  I think it may be even worse for parents.

Today I feel that same sort of excitement when new scrappy supplies arrive at the door.  The most fun for me is that I have often forgotten what I ordered.  There is a wonderful company that will hold your order until you’ve met their $100 threshold for free shipping.  So, over the course of many months, I order here and there until finally the package gets shipped.  It’s always a wonderful surprise.  This does mean that I may not be scrapping with the newest collections, but let’s be real.  Most of my scrapping uses older supplies.  What’s a few months when I usually scrap with things that are many years old?

Here are a few of my new acquisitions.


Echo Park seemed to catch my fancy for this order.  In this case, I am preparing for a Disney trip.  You know, in case you couldn’t guess by these 2 Disney themed collections.  The first is in classic Disney colors.  I like that the color scheme is pretty versatile.  Chances are, I will be using the B sides that are a bit less busy.

The second collection has an Alice in Wonderland theme.  I honestly put these in my cart, took them out, put them in, took them out… You get the picture.  The colors aren’t quite me and the papers are *extremely* busy.  So in this case I only ordered a few papers and then the matching solids.  I am hoping that the solids will help break up and tone down all of that pattern.  After ordering it, I realized that now I HAVE to meet Alice during our trip.  What good does Alice paper do if you don’t actually meet Alice?  Oh, the sacrifices I make!

Echo Park pink floral

Sticking with the Echo Park lines, I also picked up just a bit of the “Just Married” collection.  Really it is only this beautiful floral and some solids.  That light blue solid is from a different collection, but I kept it together just in case I choose to use it on the same layout.  I really love that sweet floral.

Cat papers

This is a mishmash of various cat papers.  When half of your layouts involve cats, well, you buy cat papers.  That top paper just makes me grin.  I am a big fan of whatever genius decided to put glasses on cats.  Are those cateye glasses?  I love it.

Kaisercraft holiday

Lastly, I have these Kaisercraft papers.  The top and bottom papers are from the same collection.  The two in the middle are from 2 additional collections.  Dear manufacturers, I love when you do this.  When you repeat colors in various collections, I can mix and match to my heart’s content.  I will definitely be using the pink wood grain with at least one of the holiday papers.

There was a lot more in my box of heavenly goodness.  Many of the papers are stand alones.  I often purchase something that I love and then see what in my stash will go with it once it arrives.  At this point, there is always something in my stash that will work.  Perhaps I need to stop shopping.

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