Fa La La La La

I know it is August, but for once, my scrapping is sticking to a theme.  I am on a mission to finish up my Christmas pictures from the last decade.  Be honest.  That sounds impressive… at least until you find out I rarely take Christmas pictures.

Originally, I hadn’t planned on scrapping a lot of these kitty photos.  They aren’t great pictures.  And then my little Dakota passed away right before Christmas.  Suddenly, I felt like it didn’t matter if the photos were “good enough.”  I just really wanted them given a place in my scrapbooks.  It’s funny how even the smallest of priorities change when you lose a furry friend.

Enough with the sadness, and on with the layout!

Under the Tree

This is a pretty common design for me.  Most of the time I have one plain background paper with a more elaborate patterned paper on the bottom two thirds of the layout.  In this case, I didn’t use one patterned paper.  I used strips from both sides of an old Fancy Pants paper.  In this case, I really liked the added dimension of overlapping the strips, as well as including the beige ribbon.  I also didn’t stick to the 1/3 and 2/3 rule.  In this case, the strips cover just over half of the layout.  I wanted to leave some room up top for the title and tag.

The embellishment, like always, is pretty simple.  I started with the tag for journaling and the large quote sticker.  I love that sticker for this layout.  I feel like the kitties under the tree are a more important Christmas tradition than the gifts that get put there.  (The kitties are not happy about their spot being usurped by presents.)  A few chipboard pieces and sequins sprinkled, and the layout is done.

Oh, I do want to point out the title.  For once it wasn’t an afterthought!  I knew I wanted to mix 2 small fonts and have it intermingle a bit with the embellishment above the tag.  My crowning achievement was using tile stickers.  They actually are straight and don’t look awkward!  Score!  Yes, I am overly proud of myself for a very small achievement.  Just give this to me.  🙂

If you take nothing else away from this scrappy post, please remember that it is alright to scrap the less than perfect photos.  They can’t all be professional quality prints.  Well, unless you are a professional photographer of course!


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