More Imperfect Photos

In my last post, I shared why I was scrapping the poor quality photos of my cats.  I decided to continue on with the imperfect photo scrapping this week.  This week’s subject is snow.  (Yes, I am sticking with the winter theme while dealing with 90 degree heat.)  It’s difficult to get a clear photo of snow as it comes down at night.  I am afraid that this is the best I could do.

For this layout, I decided to work with the slight purple tint in the photos.  It’s rare that I get to scrapbook using purple.  In fact, for the longest time it was nearly impossible to find purple in collections.  When it did appear in a collection, usually there was only a single sheet.  Over the years, I collected sheets here and there.  Of course, they were different tones that didn’t work together.  So I am thrilled to see the addition of purple and lavender in more papers lately.

The papers in this layout are from all different sources.  This is truly a case of mixing and matching brands.  I even cheated a bit.  Do you see that dark purple piece in the bottom right hand corner?  It is from a box of cards that I bought.  The box had index dividers that separated each design.  When I was done with the cards, I saved the colorful dividers for later use.  I simply cut off the rounded edges and it worked perfectly.

One thing I did to make the layout look cohesive despite a variety of papers in different styles was to mat everything on black cardstock.  That little black edge just pulled all of the papers together.  It also allowed the papers to pop.  Without the black outline, it just looked a little blah.  And as a bonus, I was able to incorporate a few black embellishments.


I decided to go with aqua embellishments for a couple of reasons.  Remember how I said it was difficult to find purple papers?  Well, it is even more difficult to find purple embellishments.  I simply didn’t have much to use.  My next obvious choice was aqua.  I had used an aqua mat around the photos.  The light color was a good choice for showcasing the dark pictures.  I have no shortage of aqua embellishments.  Though I could have chosen the yellow or red found in the background paper, I preferred to stick to cool colors.  This is snow after all!

When I went looking for embellishments, I was searching for a few  particular things.  Though I originally only pulled in aqua pieces, I quickly realized I needed a bit of black as well.  It just looked a little off when I first placed my embellishment clusters.  The black tied in with the mats around each paper.  I also needed something to break up the harsh blocks.  Pieces with curves would help soften the look.  Lastly, I needed something to add dimension.  Stickers and die cuts are flat.  (Though I did use some foam dots to help raise the house and large snowflake.)  The pearls were a good option.  They provide texture without adding in another color.

This is one of the layouts that I really loved when I finished.  It’s just enough different from my normal layouts to make it stand out a bit.  Both the color scheme and addition of black make me really happy.


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