Weird Gadget

This layout was inspired by a punch.  You see, one of my friends gave me some of her old scrapbook supplies.  There were eyelets, ribbons, and this really odd punch.  The punch caught my attention, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  So, it sat with my other punches for a couple of years.  What do you do with this weird concave square-ish thing with no lines of symmetry?  Every time I saw that punch, it would just get under my skin.

Finally, after a night of insomnia, I grabbed that punch and started in on some of my small scrap pieces like a wild woman.  I chose mostly pastel papers and punched each scrap as many times as I could.  Some of my scrap papers are much too small to justify keeping.  This was a good way to clean out my paper bin.  I knew that if I wound up hating the design, the only thing lost was time.


I found some photos of our yard when we had it redone.  They seemed like a good match for the spring-like color palette.  Then I matted them with that pink floral and added a yellow punched border. Normally I would have gone through my larger scraps to find the photo mat.  However, I have SO MUCH PAPER right now, that I find myself being a little less frugal.  I actually want to cut into and get some full sheets used.

Now it was time for the real work… laying out all of those punched pieces.  At first I utilized a ruler.  I was going to use the straight edge and make sure everything was lined up perfectly.  Yeah, my patience for that didn’t even last through the top row.  Instead, I eyeballed the whole thing.  (It’s a weird shape!  Does it really matter if it isn’t perfect?)  I didn’t do any gluing until I had every punched piece where I wanted it.  Then I used some Tombow liquid glue to get them all down.

After everything was dry, I started digging through all of my small embellishments.  I can’t believe that I found exactly what I was looking for to finish off the page.  What you see is a mix of resin flowers, chipboard pieces from American Crafts and Basic Grey, puffy stickers, and enamel hearts.  I wanted the embellishments to be the same color as the punched paper.

I love how this page looks.  I was actually excited as I put it together.  That little punch took me out of my comfort zone, making me try something new.  Now I need to go thank my friend for giving me the gift of creativity… even though she won’t have any memory of giving me that superbly weird punch.

Close up