Disney Adventure

I know it has been forever since I’ve posted any scrappy happiness here.  A mixture of work, craziness at home, and lack of inspiration has stopped me in my scrapping tracks.  It happens to the best of us.  Once summer hits, I will be back to posting regularly.

Though I am in a scrapping rut, I do have PLENTY of new photos to scrap.  We went on our first vacation in over a decade.  Where does a middle-aged childless couple choose to go on vacation for the first time since the honeymoon?  Why DisneyWorld of course!  (Let’s be real… my husband was not as excited as I was about this.  He was a good sport.)  After returning from our trip, I discovered we had roughly 800 photos.  I went through them and printed the 250 that I REALLY wanted.  So yeah, now I have 250 photos to scrap.

At this point the math teacher in me kicks in.  250 photos averaging 2 photos per page is 125 layouts.  Layouts created in the first 5 months of this year = 10.  So, I’m making 2 layouts a month.  125 divided by 2 = 62.5 months.  I will be done scrapping this vacation in 5 years and 3 months.  Ack!  Enough math.  Let’s look at something pretty.



This was our view of the fireworks our first night at Magic Kingdom.  It was absolutely beautiful and insanely crowded!  We stood in place for an hour waiting for the show to start just so we could get a place where short little me could see the projections on the castle.  Luckily I had read enough beforehand to know the perfect place.  Directly in front of us was a walkway where people couldn’t stop and stand in front of us.  Even my perturbed husband (who hates waiting for anything) said it was worth the wait.

We spent 10 days exploring all of the Disney parks.  Believe it or not, 10 days was not enough to see everything.  I still have a list of things I would like to do.  Maybe once I get all of these photos scrapped I can convince my husband to go back to the house of mouse.

Here are a few more beauties that will someday find themselves amongst the pretty papers and embellishments.  You can see Spaceship Earth, sunset on the safari, and the Toy Story Land toys.


As I begin to post my layouts, I will include information about our trip.  If you are interested in what it’s like to plan a Disney trip for the first time, follow along!