Starting Simple

When you are looking at 250 photos from a vacation, it can be difficult to find a place to start.  Normal people probably sit down and organize their photos in chronological order and start at the beginning.  I am not normal!  (Yes, I can hear the collective surprised gasp.)  I did do some organizing of photos.  Since our pictures were a combination of my photos, my husband’s photos, and the photos we got from Disney, my first step was just putting like photos together.  The Kylo Ren pictures were seriously in 3 different places in the stack I received from the printer.  After an hour of playing match the photos, I had everything together that should be together.

If you’ve been following along with me, you know I do not scrap in Chronological order at all.  It should be no surprise that I didn’t even consider starting with our first night at Epcot.  Instead I decided to start with what I was looking forward to the most… Adventureland.  To me, it is the most perfect part of Magic Kingdom.  I wanted my husband’s first ride to be Pirate’s of the Caribbean.  It’s just classic Disney done right.  Add to that the campy Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room and throw in a Dole Whip… well, it’s just a land of happiness for me.

Which Way To

My husband took this photo of the entrance to Adventureland as we were first arriving that morning.  Even though it isn’t the most beautiful of pictures, it makes me smile just looking at it.  The dark colors of the photos with the spikes at the top immediately drew me to this arrow print.  I pulled the other papers from the colors of the arrows and put together a quick simple page.  A sticker, some ephemera, and a couple of chipboard stars is all I used for embellishment.  If I am going to get all of those photos scrapped, I can’t spend a ton of time anguishing over the little details.

Disney tips and tricks:

It’s a good idea to get to Magic Kingdom at rope drop.  Better yet, get there at least a half hour BEFORE rope drop.  This park is PACKED.  On this particular morning, cast members weren’t even scanning fingerprints in order to expedite the entry process.  It probably took us 20-30 minutes of standing in line to get through security and tap our Magic bands to get into the park.

If you don’t have little ones that would like to visit Fantasyland, head left and go into Adventureland first.  We were able to work our way through Adventureland and Frontierland in the first couple hours after the park opened.  We hit up Pirates, Tiki Room, Splash Mountain, Country Bears Jamboree, ate a Dole Whip, did a quick photoshoot at Big Thunder (it was down that morning), and sat to enjoy the ambiance.  It was about as relaxing as Magic Kingdom gets.  By noon it was wall to wall people.