Trying Two Pages Again

I have talked before about how I don’t do two page layouts.  I don’t have any talent when it comes to anything bigger (or smaller) than a 12×12 page.  So why try again?  Well, when you have hundreds of photos to scrap, it can be a bit more efficient to work on a larger scale.  Yes, I could scrap 5 photos on two separate pages.  The photos of the architecture at EPCOT felt like they needed to go together.  Two page layouts also tend to make the paper placement pretty easy.

In this case, I only needed to choose 2 papers.  I wanted to play off of the green and maroon tones of the Chinese pavilion.  Normally I would pour over all of my paper, looking for something that was just right.  I got lucky with this layout.  I had just recently received a new paper order that I hadn’t put away yet.  As soon as I saw the 1canoe2 paper from my order, I knew it was the perfect choice.  The green, pink, and maroon from their Willow collection was just what I needed.

Around the World

I would like to say that I was able to throw this together fairly quickly.  That would be a lie.  I did use a Pin to inspire the layout.  (I tracked down the artist, and you can find her work here, though her blog is no longer active.)  The paper cutting and gluing was a snap.  The photo placement was pretty fast as well.  Then the layout sat for a day.  Next I placed the washi top at the top and bottom to give it a bit more of a finished look.  (Though I am not a washi fan, I do like the ultra thin rolls.)  I also cut out the journal piece from another Willow paper, and wrote out my journaling.  Again, I was flummoxed, so I stopped once again.  The following day I placed the title and the gold triangles.  People, it took an entire week to finish picking out the embellishments and gluing them down!  Yes, I am aware it’s only a few chipboard hearts from various collections and some gold doilies.  I honestly wish I could just pick out photos and papers, glue everything down, and then hand it to someone else to embellish!

Though it was a pain to put together, I like the end result.  It’s the first two page layout that I think was a success.  If I am honest, the thing that I like the most about it is the paper.  I really do find this collection quite beautiful.  The color palette is gorgeous.  I absolutely fell in love with that floral.  Though I buy many floral papers, I almost never use them.  This one needed to be on a layout immediately.

Disney tip:  As an adult, I very much enjoyed traveling around the world at EPCOT.  Be aware, that most countries aren’t accessible until 11:00.  You can get breakfast at the bakeries in France and Norway before 11:00.  You can also ride Frozen Ever After in Norway.  However, you won’t be able to explore any further.  My photo of the gate in China is all I got to see of the China pavilion.  Sadly, we were there before 11:00, and never made it back.

Almost Perfect

I don’t photograph well.  Okay, maybe I just don’t like pictures of me at all.  I know I can’t be the only one!  That being said, I LOVE this series of photos from Pandora in Animal Kingdom.  That photographer needs a serious raise.  It’s not that I look super glamorous or beautiful… It’s that he captured the playfulness and joy.  After seeing these photos, I wish I had gotten his name.  I would definitely have sent a cast compliment to Disney.

Though I am not completely in love with the color scheme or papers of this layout, I am still fairly happy with it.  I was inspired by the “You And Me” journaling card.  I felt like the sentiment was just right for these photos.  Based on that, I decided on black, white, red, and kraft.  The polka dot papers are a tad bit too much together.  It would have been better if I went with a solid red, or a red paper with a subtle tone on tone pattern.  Why did I make this mistake?  I am determined to use the papers from the Disney collections I purchased.  In this case, it would have been better to have mixed the Disney paper with something else from my stash.  When will I ever learn that I can’t force things to work?


You and Me

There wasn’t a lot of room for embellishment on this particular layout.  Fitting three 4×6 photos along with a title card was no easy task.  This is why most of my layouts feature only one or two photos.  In this case, I found some flowers that I had cut out from my Silhouette.  Originally those flowers were white and blue.  I simply used some red and black ink in order to make them fit my needs. I also added in some cute little wood veneer hearts.  Lastly, I added in some stickers and gems.

This layout is almost perfect.  It does have a few flaws.  I now see that I need to add in another flower near the “Love this” sticker.  Without that flower, it looks unbalanced.  There is a rule of threes for a reason!  There are also too many polka dots even for me.  Despite it’s flaws, I love it.  This is one of those pages I will really cherish.

Disney tip:  If you get phenomenal service from a cast member at DisneyWorld, you can send them a compliment via Twitter.  You can Tweet to @WDWToday, identify the incredible cast member, and use the hashtag #CastCompliment.  We did this after a cast member went above and beyond to solve a photopass issue.  I was thrilled that @WDWToday responded, so I knew they had received my message.