Keeping It Simple

I find that when I am working, sometimes I like to create two similar pages that will be placed into different albums.  No one will ever know that this wedding page shared the same inspiration as a page in the Disney album.  Honestly, I doubt they would even notice if they were in the same album.  Once you change color palettes, it’s just not that obvious.

If you haven’t guessed yet, this layout and my castle layout from the last post were made in the same week.  Where the castle page featured a purple geometric paper, this one focuses on a pink and blue floral.  The other big difference is the placement of the patterned paper.  I moved it over to the edge, rather in the center.  Many of the other elements are similar.  I switched out the silver title and embellishments for gold.  Both pages include flowers and hearts.


I wanted this layout to have a softness to it.  The floral paper with the pink cardstock help create that feeling.  The embellishments were also chosen carefully in order to convey the mood I desired.  Pastel flowers, a doily, and hearts are all romantic… perfect for a wedding.  I also knew that I wanted to use that oversized “love” as the title.  A girl deserves a little bling on her wedding day, right?  That led me to choose a few gold accents as well.

I really wanted the photo to be the focal point of this layout.  Wedging it between the title and the flowers helps give that part of the layout weight.  The photo being black and white also helps draw the eye.  I have to admit, that this photo was less than perfect.  Though the part with my husband and I is wonderful, the right hand side was a bit of a disaster.  People were all over the background, distracting from that magic moment.  I thought about cropping the photo, but then it wouldn’t have the presence I wanted it to have.  Instead, I covered up most of the distraction with the flowers and heart.

This layout came together rather quickly, since I was reinterpreting a design I had just utilized for another page.  Not every page has to be unique.  Ultimately no one will notice that you took a shortcut… unless you want to blog about it!

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