When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together

I had a plan for this page… I really did.  It all started with a challenge to create a star border for your photos.  Then I was going to combine it with another challenge that required some stitching.  In order for this plan to work, I needed to cut out a multitude of stars… which I did.  However, I didn’t really have a range of sizes that I needed to create the border I pictured in my mind.  Still, I persisted… and failed.  I just could not get a border to look right at all!  *Sigh*  So after an hour or so of just moving stars around, I gave up and started again

This time I went for a far more plain (and not at all what I had in mind) design.  I wound up choosing just a few stars and putting them across the layout diagonally.  I also fussy cut a few clouds to place on top.  In order to balance it out down below, I added a tag so that I could add a bit of journaling.  The title was done using a wonder Freckled Fawn alphabet.  It’s really my favorite part of this disaster of a layout!

Bad Hair

Just a heads up if you ever decide to hand stitch on stars, make sure you choose smaller stitches than I did.  I was making longer stitches in order to save a little time.  That strategy also backfired.  You see, a star has indents.  When you run the stitch across the back, the floss wants to go across those indents and show.  It took quite a bit of manipulation on my part to keep those backside stitches from showing.  Never again!

In the end, I suppose the layout does a pretty good job of mirroring my mess of hair in the photo.  It too started with a plan (or brush), and quickly spiraled out of control.

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