Scrapbooking the Odd

This is not your normal travel scrapbooking page. It doesn’t feature beautiful scenery, or great adventures. No. It highlights a restaurant. Please note, I do not routinely photograph restaurants. It’s just that this particular restaurant gave me some of the best food that I ever ate. To be fair, the appetizer was pork belly. It’s like bacon, except a million times better. Three years later, and I’m still dreaming of having it again. A girl can dream.

This particular restaurant can be found at Walt Disney World. It’s located at the Boardwalk resort. If you aren’t staying there, it’s between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. You can either walk from the parks, or take the boat in order to get there.

Flying Fish is exactly what you would suspect, a seafood focused restaurant. That being said, they do have items that aren’t fish related. Check out the menu online and book ahead if you would like to dine there. (No, I really don’t have any affiliation. Just fond memories.)

The layout for this photo needed to be purple. I mean really. Look at the colors of the Flying Fish. (Why is so much Disney related purple? And why are all of the paper collections red, blue, and yellow?) I wanted to make a layout that used up a lot of scraps. So I first went through my purple scraps and found some large pieces of lavender papers. Then I decided upon that busy floral for the background. (Looking at it now, I think it’s a bit too much… but I can live with it.) From there, I picked through scraps that had the same colors as the floral paper.

Even though it’s not my favorite layout, I really do like the design. Any time I can use up some of my smaller scraps, I am a happy scrapper. In this case, all of the circles are from scraps that I generally reserve for card making. (I keep SO MANY tiny scraps.) You can see that I inked all of the circle edges, tying to pull them together into a more cohesive element. I’m not entirely sure that it worked. I should have kept my papers purple and pink.

As for embellishments, I ran across a wood veneer pack that were teal and pink. I had them for a couple of years and never really used them. It was time to get them onto a page. I also pulled some foam Thickers and used the sparkly navy dots to add to my paper circles. Honestly, I love the embellishment of the circles. It’s simple, yet still adds interest.

As usual, I got all done creating this layout, and had completely forgotten about a title. If it looks a bit out of place, well, it’s because it was an afterthought. I chose a puffy alphabet with a bit of a funky font. I’m not sure why I feel like the font is perfect for this layout, but I really do think it does it justice.

Though my page is far from perfect, I still have a fondness for it. Maybe it’s the photo and fond memories. Maybe it’s because the layout is a bit jumbled and quirky… a little like me. Either way, it will make its way into my scrapbook and make me happy.

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