Cards Revisited

I am still searching for some scrappy mojo.  If anyone has some for sale, I would be more than happy to make a purchase.  At about 2 a.m. I began a new page.  The photograph is chosen.  Some embellishments have been made.  Then… nothing.  I could not even find a paper for the base.  *sigh*  I think this summer I am going to have to spend some serious time in the scraproom, throwing out all of the rules.  It seems the more rules I learn, the more rigid my pages become.

Until I am actually able to create something, I decided to revisit some cards I made.  I tend to make cards to use up scraps and when my mojo has taken a hike.  This means they tend to pile up over time.  It isn’t out of control.  You won’t find any overflowing boxes stacked up and collecting dust.  They fit in a nice small section of my desk.  Today I was flipping through them to find one for a friend and realized how much I really do like them.

Here are two I made with a fall theme.  I wanted to try out some leaf cuts as well as a leaf stamp I bought about a decade ago.  Yes, that cute little leaf stamp sat for 10 years wanting love.  Don’t judge.  It finally had its day in the sun.  (Those leaves sparkle so nicely thanks to the copper embossing powder.)  I also pulled out some papers that I would normally pass by when making projects.  That orange floral is just not me.  Yet, I really like the final product.

I think there is something to be learned from these two little cards.  There are far too many unloved stamps in my collection.  I need to start experimenting with them.  Something beautiful might very well be created.  Also, changing up my color palette is refreshing.  Too many of my projects sit firmly in the pink/aqua palette.  Let’s go crazy and try grass greens, reds, oranges, purples, and browns.  (Maybe not on the same card or page.)close-up


National Scrapbooking Day… A Day Late

Yes, I am aware that NSD was yesterday.  I promise that I really did celebrate on time!  Okay, I celebrated after I got through with being an adult for the day.  My husband seemed to be blissfully unaware of the importance of NSD when he scheduled appointments for us.  The nerve!

Once home, I ran up into the crafting room and looked at my supplies.  With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, making a card was my first priority.  I happened to have some Simple Stories Posh die cuts sitting out on my desk from a previous project.  I chose two to use for cards.  The florals and soft colors were perfect for this particular occasion.

It didn’t take very long to dig through my scrap bin to find some matching papers.  I have a plethora of aquas, teals, pinks, and yellows.  At that point it was just a matter of stacking up a few rectangles and positioning the die cuts.  Each card has a smattering of enamel dots, pearls, or sequins to finish it off.  In all, I made 3 cards in under an hour.  (The 3rd is super simple in a fall color palette.)  I think that is a record for me.

The bicycle feels like an appropriate motif for my papercrafting lately.  I need to keep pedaling on and creating.  Though I am not doing anything that is cutting edge, I feel the momentum going in the right direction.  And hey, it is so much fun playing with the pretty products!  That is the important part.





Christmas Cards Finished

I’m done.  Okay, I am pretty sure that I’m done.  I haven’t made a list and checked it twice, but I’m somewhat confident there are more cards than people I need to send them to this holiday.  (And yes, I know I need to get them in the mail!)  Sadly, I start way back in the summer with my card making.  It’s the only way that I’m not tearing my hair out in December.  After all, I do have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to a large project such as this.

My first two cards feature the Winter Trees set from Neat & Tangled.  I *adore* this stamp set.  I’m not quite sure what it is about those whimsical trees, but I’m in love.  I stamped the trees on watercolor paper, then again on white cardstock and patterned paper.  I also stamped stars on the background of each.  You can’t see it on the card on the right.  I used a clear embossing powder with sparkles that simply doesn’t show up in the photo.  Then I used some Tim Holtz distress ink to add color on the background.  This is where I flubbed up a bit.  The black ink didn’t have enough time to dry, so you can see where it bled.  The last step was cutting out and gluing down the trees.  The center tree in each is raised with a bit of dimensional adhesive.

By the way, the inspiration for the second card came from the Sooner Rather Than Later blog.  Miriam made a gorgeous tag using the stamp set.  It was only after I was done that I realized my background patterned paper is the same paper she used for one of the trees.  You can find it here!


My second set of cards is just a rag tag bunch of scraps.  You know me.  I get itching to work through my scrap basket or use up old product.  If it doesn’t get used, what is the point in buying it?


The first two cards are made entirely with scraps and old chipboard, die-cuts, and 3×4 cards.  They aren’t fancy, but they get the job done.  The last card was a bit of an experiment.  I just got the Hero Arts Coffee Cup stamp and die set.  So this was my first attempt at using it.  I really love the floral cup.  I’m torn about the tan cup holder.  It covers up so much of the pretty cup.  Still, it’s a perfect place for stamping the sentiment.  I think I have more playing to do in order to get it right.

Too Many Supplies

I can’t believe I’m about to say this.  I have too many scrappy supplies.  It isn’t just an organizational problem.  (Trust me, that is a real issue.)  The amount of scrappy goodness living in my craft room is more than I can wrap my head around.

It wasn’t that long ago that I could tell you what I had.  For any given project I could tell you what die cuts, chipboard, or matching buttons would work.  Now, I dig through an entire huge basket of die cuts because I’m not sure what I have.  There are drawers that I paw through, only to find something I don’t even remember buying.  All of this sorting through product takes time away from actual crafting.

Luckily I haven’t doubled up on purchasing materials too often.  Occasionally I will accidentally duplicate a piece of paper.  Honestly, I don’t worry much about that.  If I have 2 of the same paper, it just means I really liked it.  Both pieces will get used.

But, it is starting to interfere with my purchasing in another way.  Since I have so much product, I don’t know what I actually need.  (I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking that if you have that much stuff, you don’t need anything!  Basic logic.)  However, that became a problem when I ran out of adhesive.  Have you ever tried to scrapbook without adhesive?  I simply didn’t notice that my tape runners were gone because I had 3 packages of small glue dots where I keep my adhesive.

This issue reared its ugly head again as I was trying to make Christmas cards.  I assumed that I had plenty of 6×6 paper pads that were Christmas themed.  So as I sorted through my pads I was gobsmacked to discover that I had one partial Christmas pad.  It is mostly comprised of chevrons and polka dots that are cream, brick red, or turquoise.  Not exactly the colors or motifs I wanted on this particular day.  Since I have so much of everything, I thought I had what I needed.  Not so.

In the end, I did make a card.  I used some scraps in some not very Christmas colors.  And I vow to buy less, and use more.  Yes, I have said that before.  Maybe it’s a good New Year’s resolution.  That gives me 2 more months to shop.


Oh How They Multiply

I don’t understand it.  I make a determined effort to use my scraps.  In fact, all of my scraps are in a container on my desk.  As much as I would like them off of my desk in order for a neater appearance, I know that would be the kiss of death.  Having them constantly in sight and handy means the scraps grace pretty much every layout or card I make.  So one would think that the pile would slowly dwindle.  One would be wrong.

That partially used pile of pretty patterned papers keeps growing!  (How is that for alliteration?)  Please understand that this is after I’ve cleaned through them and tossed anything I am unlikely to use again.  (Before you gasp, this includes pieces too small for a normal human being to keep.  Larger pieces are getting donated to my school for kids to use.)  I’m beginning to think some other scrapper is sneaking into the scrap room in the middle of the night and dropping off their extras!

This week’s goal was to make some quick cards in order to reduce the pile.  The cards aren’t anything amazing or intricate.  I was concentrating on using up scraps in the shortest amount of time possible.

How does my pile look now that I have 4 cards made?  Not the least bit smaller.  I swear those papers are multiplying.

When I’m Not Inspired

I’m in a bit of a slump lately.  It happens to all of us.  The crafty mojo has left the building, and I’m not quite sure when it will return.

Usually when this happens, I don’t scrap.  I look at my materials.  I may even organize them.  However, I don’t glue any paper.  Nothing comes to mind, so I walk out of my craft room absolutely frustrated.

I refuse to let that habit continue.  There are simply too many beautiful supplies in my room to let sit and collect dust.  It doesn’t make financial sense to invest that much money and let it go to waste.  I am determined to be crafty even when I don’t feel like it.

The easiest way for me to keep pushing through the scrappy doldrums is to make cards.  I can use up a few scraps while feeling guilt free.  If I don’t like the final product, I haven’t really lost anything.  So I sat down this week and just went for it, with no plan in mind.

I wound up with three decent cards.  I wish I had done a bit more layering, especially on the last card.  Still, most of these supplies have been around for years.  See that green plaid print?  I’ve had that paper for a decade.  That flower sticker was purchased around that same time.  All of the papers and stickers are years old.  Truly the only new supplies are those red birds.  I’ve had that stamp forever, but just bought the dies for them.

I know that these cards aren’t earth shattering designs.  That’s okay.  My stash is a little smaller.  Someone will still love receiving them.  And best of all, I haven’t given up on paper crafting.  Oh, and if you find my mojo, could you send it back this way?  I would really like to make something phenomenal.

Scraps and Old Supplies

I never get rid of old supplies.  I feel the need to keep everything until it finds a home on a project.  In some cases, being a pack-rat has its advantages.  Many times I have dug into my stash to find just the perfect piece.  Voila!  That thingamajig I bought 8 years ago is exactly what I needed.  On the other hand, I know certain things would rot away forever.

Every now and then I decide to make a card or layout based upon a product that I want to get out of my stash.  The cards below were created to move those dusty buried pieces out of my bins.

The card on the left was created to get some of my Basic Grey chipboard pieces used.  I pulled the chipboard piece, which is really several pieces.  Then I went into my scraps to look for some papers that were large enough that would work with the colors.  A little adhesive, and an eyelet (yes, an eyelet!) later, and I had a card.

The card on the right was designed to get that flower and the “Thank You” sticker out of my stash.  (Let’s be real.  I have an entire 12×12 sticker sheet that needs to be used.  Baby steps… baby steps.)  I had that multicolored floral scrap along with the green scrap behind it.  For this particular project, I did ink the edges of those 2 papers in green.  I absolutely love how much that tiny little detail adds to this card.  I did have to dig into my 6×6 pads to get the red background paper.  If you are like me, you have so many 6×6 pads that using a sheet is a celebration all by itself.

So today a few more scraps are busted.  A few “vintage” embellishments have made their way onto projects.  My card collection has grown.  I’m totally willing to call this a win.


Absolutely Shocked

In order to gain some real estate on my fairly small scrapping desk, I decided to change my scrap storage.  I had been keeping my scraps in a basket.  It was cute and handy.  However, an actual paper holder is much skinnier.  So, I purchased one and began to transfer my scraps.

Here is where my shock comes into play.  The paper holder is stuffed!  My scraps won’t all fit.  Even after weeding out papers I will never use, the holder is an overstuffed explosion waiting to happen.  I would show you, but really, no one needs to see that mess.

Really, how did this happen?  I use my scraps.  I’ve prided myself on how pretty much every layout includes scraps.  If I felt scraps were beginning to pile up, I made some cards to help clear them out of my stash.  So, how did I somehow manage to accumulate so many bits and pieces?  *Sigh*  I guess I am a scrap addict.

As a result of this development, I am going to spend the next week working on my scraps.  Cards will be made.  The Silhouette will be employed to cut out embellishments.  Pages will have a scraps only focus.

And here are my first efforts at scrap disposal.  The cards made with strips are lifts of a card by Elizabeth Mindemann.  It is a great design for using up those branding strips.