Weird Gadget

This layout was inspired by a punch.  You see, one of my friends gave me some of her old scrapbook supplies.  There were eyelets, ribbons, and this really odd punch.  The punch caught my attention, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  So, it sat with my other punches for a couple of years.  What do you do with this weird concave square-ish thing with no lines of symmetry?  Every time I saw that punch, it would just get under my skin.

Finally, after a night of insomnia, I grabbed that punch and started in on some of my small scrap pieces like a wild woman.  I chose mostly pastel papers and punched each scrap as many times as I could.  Some of my scrap papers are much too small to justify keeping.  This was a good way to clean out my paper bin.  I knew that if I wound up hating the design, the only thing lost was time.


I found some photos of our yard when we had it redone.  They seemed like a good match for the spring-like color palette.  Then I matted them with that pink floral and added a yellow punched border. Normally I would have gone through my larger scraps to find the photo mat.  However, I have SO MUCH PAPER right now, that I find myself being a little less frugal.  I actually want to cut into and get some full sheets used.

Now it was time for the real work… laying out all of those punched pieces.  At first I utilized a ruler.  I was going to use the straight edge and make sure everything was lined up perfectly.  Yeah, my patience for that didn’t even last through the top row.  Instead, I eyeballed the whole thing.  (It’s a weird shape!  Does it really matter if it isn’t perfect?)  I didn’t do any gluing until I had every punched piece where I wanted it.  Then I used some Tombow liquid glue to get them all down.

After everything was dry, I started digging through all of my small embellishments.  I can’t believe that I found exactly what I was looking for to finish off the page.  What you see is a mix of resin flowers, chipboard pieces from American Crafts and Basic Grey, puffy stickers, and enamel hearts.  I wanted the embellishments to be the same color as the punched paper.

I love how this page looks.  I was actually excited as I put it together.  That little punch took me out of my comfort zone, making me try something new.  Now I need to go thank my friend for giving me the gift of creativity… even though she won’t have any memory of giving me that superbly weird punch.

Close up

Cloudy With a Chance of Creativity

I finally had a bit of a creative breakthrough.  It isn’t waaaaaaaaaaaay off of my regular scrapping path, but I did include some fussy cutting.  For the record, I hate fussy cutting.  Yes, I know you move the paper, not the scissors.  Still, I get impatient after the first couple of cuts.  Then I get reckless.  Next thing you know, all of those smooth curves get hacked to pieces.

Two things finally got me going.  First, a beautiful cloud paper from Shimelle Laine’s Starshine collection just begged to be fussy cut.  I love the paper, but couldn’t figure out how to use it as a layer in a layout.  So out came the scissors.  I cut quite a few of the cloud groupings without knowing what I was going to do.

The second catalyst turned out to be exhaustion.  The day that I had cut out the clouds, I tried to place them on the layout.  Nothing looked right, and I finally gave up.  So, on a night that I could barely keep my eyes open, I began to work on it again.  The clouds just magically fell into place.  Lack of sleep seems to allow me to not overthink things and just create!  I often do my best scrapbooking in the wee hours of the night.

Real Life

It isn’t a fancy page with a lot of embellishment.  The clouds themselves seem to be enough decoration.  Some are popped up to give a bit of dimension.  I sprinkled them with my favorite wood veneer hearts.  Originally the photos were floating a bit, so I made a shelf for them with the wood grain scallop sticker.  The wood grain was chosen to work with the hearts.

The page still isn’t perfect.  I can see two things in the photo that bother me.  First, I’m not sure about the silver foam Thickers.  I am not going to change them out for something else.  They were the right size for this layout, and I can live with it.  I’m also considering adding a cloud at the top right of the vertical photo.  That white corner formed by the photo and the bottom of the cloud just doesn’t look right.  (Of course I didn’t see that until I photographed the page.)

Still, I am rather happy to have changed it up a little.  On to the next project!

Sometimes You Need a Sketch

I have been complaining about how all of my layouts look the same.  It is so easy to fall into artistic habits.  You have even seen me attempt to break out of those habits and fail miserably.  It just seems that once I start creating, I end up repeating what is familiar.

Finally, I found a way (for now) to get out of that scrappy slump.  I chose a sketch that is decidedly not my style.  In this case, I pulled up an old sketch from the My Mind’s Eye Blog.  You can find it here.  It is a bit minimalist in that it doesn’t use a lot of patterned paper.  You know how much I love patterned paper.  I usually use it for the background as well as whatever other paper layers are on the page.

Now don’t get me wrong.  You will see lots of different patterned papers on this page.  It’s just that they are in smaller bits.  This sketch is absolutely perfect for using up your scraps!  That is exactly what I did.  Everything except the white cardstock background came from my scrap bin.


In this case, I started with the triangle paper from Pink Paislee’s Memorandum collection.  I have to admit, that is one of my favorite collections.  As this particular paper shows, the collection included just about every color in the rainbow.  It made it very easy to pick out coordinating scraps.  Just about any color was fair game.  It allowed me to mix brands quite easily.  I believe I see Simple Stories, Bella Blvd, Echo Park, and American Crafts represented here.

Really, this page came together pretty fast.  It didn’t need a lot of embellishing thanks to the many different patterns.  I pulled a few chipboard shapes from the Posh line.  In order to repeat the circles, I also used some brads.  You can’t even believe how happy I am to use some brads.  Buying brads is a special talent of mine.  Using them is not.  For once, I really enjoyed the free form style and just went with it.

Do you want to know what I really like about sketches?  You can use them over and over.  I’m already thinking about turning this one on its side and using a horizontal photo.  Oh the possibilities!